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Top 12 Secret Keto Diet Hacks to Save Time and Supercharge Your Results

A ketogenic diet not only helps reduce weight but also has various health benefits. Several studies have shown that a ketogenic diet helps control diabetes, liver diseases, obesity, heart failure, asthma, and several such troubles. A healthy, charged body, in turn, is also working towards a healthier mental state of being.  

A ketogenic diet helps you experience all the things you cannot try because of your inner constitutions. Take me, for example, playing a live escape game in Wild goose escapes is one of my favorite things to do. And look at that, with a little bit of care into my keto diet plan, I can last a whole game without falling sick. A healthy body leads to a happy heart, and it, too, can work in your favor as well. 

But changes can be hard, as we all know. Do not fall under pressure, and plan each step thoroughly. Besides considering all the advice from your dietician, take note of some keto diet hacks that will help you in your journey.

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Top 12 Secret Keto Diet Hacks to Save Time and Supercharge Your Results 

Start Slow with a new diet plan 

A ketogenic diet will only be effective if you stick to it. If you jump into the new plan without easing into it, chances are you will fail. Don’t drastically change your carb intake, as it will lead to Keto flu. Instead. Try lowering the carb intake by 50 grams and then slowly adjust to a new goal each time. 

Drop non-ketogenic foods from your pantry 

You have to drop non-ketogenic food items from your pantry first. Since your focus should be on reducing your carb intake and increasing the intake of keto-centric food, you should fill your kitchen pantry with keto-friendly food items. Identify high-carb food items like rice, bread, potato, etc., and replace them with keto-friendly items. 

Fill your pantry with keto-friendly items. 

The next thing you must do is fill your pantry with keto-friendly food items. These include green vegetables like kale, spinach, organic meat, fish, eggs, etc. Start including these in your daily meals to get proper nutrients without sacrificing your diet plan. 

Make easy meal plans. 

Start planning your meals so you have a basic idea of what food you need to consume and how much you have consumed. Start including all keto-based food in your daily meal plan. Keep a stock of ready-to-cook ketogenic food to start your journey. Then step up with more detailed recipes and other plans. 

Find ketogenic substitutes for your favorite staples. 

After purging your pantry of high carb and non-ketogenic food items, you must find substitutes for those items. Especially when it comes to flour-oriented food items, look for keto-friendly bread, pizza crusts, and tortillas as your low-carb alternatives. You should also look for healthy fats like avocado oils, nuts, seeds, coconut milk, and low-carb sweeteners like Stevia. 

Look for keto-friendly condiments. 

Just because you chose a ketogenic diet does not mean you have to give up flavor in your food. Look out for keto-friendly condiments and spices that suit your recipes but do not harm your diet. 

Stock up on keto-friendly snacks 

Check the nutrient content of keto-friendly snacks and stock up on them. This is a sustainable way of including keto-friendly food into your regular diet. 

Start meal preparations 

Start meal prep to save time and invest in good meal plans. Go for easy keto-friendly recipes, and make sure to cook double batches that last a few days to avoid disturbing the diet plan. You can also prep the breakfast items the night before. 

Try one-pot dishes 

To make things easier, you can try one-pot ketogenic recipes that will save time and would not comprise the keto-friendly items in your pantry. Items like keto-friendly shepherd’s pie and chicken stroganoff will be both tasty and perfect for your keto diet plan

Invest in Tupperware to freeze prepped meal 

You should invest in decent (and even eco-friendly) Tupperware that helps you store your prepped meal for a week. You can also carry them to your work lunch so that you would not have opted for high card lunch items. 

Keep track of macros and calories to stay focused on your goals. 

You can get help from fitness apps to keep track of your macros and calculate your calories based on your established goals. Having a set goal and an app that reminds you of the goal will help you get results fast. 

Make sure to get enough electrolytes. 

You might get dehydrated when you first go on a ketogenic diet but do not worry. Make sure to get enough electrolytes. To counter the loss of water weight during a keto plan, make sure to consume a lot of water and electrolyte drinks. 


Starting off on a ketogenic weight loss journey can be hard, but it is not impossible. Focus on a sustainable meal plan along with working out daily. Also, try to maintain a good sleeping schedule. Most importantly, make sure to lower your stress level to get the best results. Hope our list of 12 secret keto diet hacks helps you save time and supercharge your results by manyfold. 

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