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Are you interested in writing a guest post for our food website? We welcome contributions from writers, bloggers, and cooking fans!

All Content Must Be Original

I try to ensure that I’m offering my readers useful and interesting content. That’s why I ask that any submissions do not appear anywhere else on the internet. I will use a plagiarism checker on any articles sent in to ensure that they haven’t been stolen from elsewhere.

Your Guest Post Must Be Relevant

Cooking covers a pretty wide span of different topics. As you’ll notice, my blog isn’t just recipe after recipe. I’ve got a lot to say about food! Whether it’s a discussion about commercial cooking, a review of an awesome kitchen appliance, or your opinion on a new restaurant, I’m here for it! Just please don’t send in anything that wouldn’t fit in here at I Really Like Food. I get tons of submissions that just don’t fit the brief, so give me a break! Here are some ideas of topics you could write about:

  • Recipes
  • Baking
  • Product Reviews
  • Healthy Living
  • Nutrition
  • Dieting
  • Travel
  • Parties

The types of articles i am looking for are:

  • ‘Top 10 ___ for ___’
  • ‘Alternative uses of ___’
  • ‘Best ___ Recipe’
  • ‘Top 10 Restaurants in ___’
  • ‘Best Places For Foodies To Visit’

Simple Requirements:

  • 800+ Words content
  • The title should have good search volume
  • Keyword focused content with proper H2, H3, and H4s
  • Plagiarism Free content
  • You can also add meta description in the content
  • 1 Backlink is allowed per post !

I Want Articles, Not Ads

While I’m willing to discuss sponsored content, I never want to spam my readers. Please don’t send in a sales pitch disguised as an article. Believe it or not, I can tell!

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