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5 Foods and Drinks That Pair Well With Yuzu

Sour, slightly bitter, and beautifully fragrant, yuzu is gaining popularity in the US. Consider adding yuzu to these five foods and drinks for tasty new combos.

Yuzu has been popular in Japan for millennia, and over the past few years, this citrus fruit has been making a splash in the US. Thanks to increasing accessibility to this versatile fruit, and foodies’ desires for new and authentic flavors, it’s easier than ever before to use yuzu in your kitchen. Get inspired to make tasty snacks, meals, and refreshments with this list of five foods and drinks that pair well with yuzu.

1. Slushies and Sorbets

Yuzu is perfect for adding tang to slushies and sorbets. One of the most important things to know about yuzu is that people usually use the zest and juice rather than the fruit’s flesh. This is because yuzu has an uneven, thick rind and large seeds. 

You can cut the sweetness of slushies and sorbets a bit with yuzu; this fruit has a sour taste like lemon with a bitter note like grapefruit. And with more vitamin C than a lemon, yuzu provides an excellent nutrient boost on a scorching summer day.

2. Sauce for Seared Beef, Chicken, and Pork

One of the best ways to pair yuzu with food is to use the fruit in ponzu sauce. This Japanese condiment makes a tasty sidekick for beef, chicken, and pork. 

Whether you make authentic ponzu or an inspired sauce of your own, you’ll enjoy this bright addition to seared meat. Ponzu sauce ingredients include mirin, dried bonito flakes, kombu, soy sauce, and yuzu. 

3. Salad Dressing

Liven up your salad with a nutritious and zesty yuzu dressing. Whether you’re prepping a side salad or making the dish your main course, yuzu’s fragrance will add flair to your dish. Many yuzu dressings also work well on grilled vegetables, tofu, meat, and cold noodles, making this a versatile condiment you can keep in your fridge for a lot of other meals.

4. Sushi or Sashimi Condiment

Citrus and fish pair well together; many people enjoy eating baked or fried fish with a splash of lemon. Similarly, pair yuzu with sushi or sashimi. 

Make sure you buy high-quality fish, or get your sushi from a grocery store or restaurant, and add a yuzu and soy sauce mixture on the side for dipping. It’s a simple way to add an authentic East Asian flavor to your meal.

5. Citrus Baked Desserts

Finally, add a twist to classic citrus-flavored desserts by using yuzu. If you enjoy lemon or lime desserts, you’ll probably love treats made with yuzu; the sour and slightly floral flavor punches up classic confections.

Yuzu juice makes delicious custards, pie bars, cookies, tarts, and cheesecakes. Additionally, use the flavorful zest as an ingredient or garnish for a beautiful flourish.

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