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Recipe: English Muffin Crab Melt

Simplicity is key in morning routines. Some people prefer to fit in a vigorous workout before heading to the office, while others like to take their time rolling out of bed.

Regardless of how you enjoy spending those waking hours, skipping that first meal should never be in the cards. A healthy breakfast packed with protein is an essential component of morning routines that helps fuel you for the day ahead.  

Opting for nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals fills you up and promotes optimal long-term health — a top reason why eating right early in the day helps set the tone for the meals that follow. 

Understandably, a complicated breakfast is the last thing you want to whip up first thing in the morning — but the constant rotation of cereal and milk, toast, fruit-topped yogurt and scrambled eggs gets a bit boring after a while. 

Thankfully, switching up your breakfast routine has never been easier. You can use a few simple ingredients you may already have around the kitchen to make a delicious English muffin crab melt that covers several essential food groups.   

English Muffins: A Breakfast Staple

English muffins are a breakfast staple in most households and likely trigger a pleasant trip down memory lane. 

Perhaps your parents used to throw an English muffin in the toaster for you every morning, slathering it in butter and jelly that dripped down your chin with each bite. Maybe you preferred folding the pieces in half or squishing them together like a sandwich. 

In fact, you may have used English muffin halves as sandwich bread for eggs and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or chicken salad — a quick and easy, delectable meal that could satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Ironically, English muffins were first developed in the United States in the 1800s and intended as a variation of the British crumpet. 

After immigrating from Plymouth, England, to New York in 1874, Samuel Bath Thomas opened a bakery and started selling his new product. Their popularity soared, leading Bath to open a second shop to meet demands.

What exactly sets English muffins apart from crumpets? Crumpets traditionally use milk and baking soda, but Thomas chose to leave out the baking soda in his recipe. This ensured English muffins have a crunchier exterior without losing their defining feature — the tiny holes inside.  

English muffins are relatively low-fat and often deemed a traditional American breakfast food. Of course, there’s another old-fashioned food that pairs beautifully with the crunchy outside and soft, bready filling of English muffins. 

Is there anything more old-fashioned and American than crabs? A crab mixture is a hearty, protein-filled topping you can add to a toasty English muffin. Crabmeat is quite versatile and can be prepared in different ways. 

An English muffin crab melt is perfect for those mornings when you wake up hungry and are craving something a little different. They’re also an excellent option for brunch, snacks or those evenings when everyone wants breakfast for dinner. The best part: They’re effortless to make.

How to Make English Muffin Crab Melts

You can scour the internet for hundreds of different crab melt recipes. However, few beat an English muffin crab melt with creamy cheese and hot sauce. 

To make cheesy crab melts with a kick, you’ll need a can of lump crab or fresh crabmeat, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, chopped onion and chopped celery. This recipe also requires parsley, garlic powder and a little bit of Tabasco sauce. Of course, English muffins are what really tie the whole recipe together. 

The first step to cooking up the tastiest crab melts you’ve ever eaten is to make the crab mixture. Begin by chopping up your onion and celery finely. 

Add the chopped vegetables, canned or fresh crabmeat, mayonnaise, garlic powder and hot sauce to a bowl and mix well. Tabasco is one ingredient you won’t want to leave out by accident if you enjoy a hint of spice in your food. It’s also the best trick for enhancing the flavor of your crab melt.

Split your English muffins and spread the crab mixture over each half. Then, top with cheddar cheese. You’ll want to broil the melts for approximately five minutes or until the cheese is bubbling and hot.

Top your crab melts with fresh parsley when they come out of the oven. You may also want to add a little more hot sauce if you like them spicier.

It only takes a few minutes to slice and dice your celery and onion — otherwise, prep merely consists of mixing ingredients. With a total prep and cook time of 10 minutes, this recipe for English muffin crab melts is perfect for those who typically lounge around in bed all morning. Certainly, you’ll have plenty of time to treat yourself to breakfast with this go-to dish.

A Classic Melt With a Twist

Many people regard English muffins and crabmeat as some of their favorite foods. Together they create an explosion of flavors that all generations will love. 

One of the greatest pleasures in cooking is the chance to take a classic recipe and enhance it with fresh and unexpected ingredients. If you’re looking to upgrade the classic crab melt, then a bit of cheese, hot sauce and English muffins will go a long way.

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