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10 Seasonal Beers to Try This Spring

When looking for the best seasonal beers, you want one that matches your idea of spring. In the winter, you may opt for darker, thicker brews with deep flavors that remind you of warmth and richer seasons. 

In the spring, you want something light and refreshing that will cool you off on a warm day. Choosing the suitable seasonal spring beers is as simple as examining their flavors and seeing which ones fit your palate. Hint: in spring and summer, you have to choose something with a splash of fruit.

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada is the father of the craft beer movement. It has the rich, juicy, malty flavor expected of a pale ale, so it exemplifies everything excellent about the category. You don’t have to worry about any surprises with this beer — people have tried and loved it for years, and if you haven’t tasted it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Weinlager

Weinlager is a strange yet welcome case. Its aroma will remind you of something rich and flavorful, vanilla and butter, but it tastes more like fresh, bursting fruit. One of the best options for seasonal spring beers, Weinlager is a specialty release, so it may not stick around for long. You can ponder this puzzle of a beer with your friends or alone, but you can be certain of one thing: you’ll definitely enjoy it. 

3. Neon Neon Rainbows

This unique beer tastes even more fun than its gorgeous packaging looks. The beer itself has several colors in it, and it’s only being brewed for a limited time to preserve taste and freshness. Because nobody knows when it’ll disappear, it’s a good idea for you to grab your hands on some. It also has a strong gimmick, which allows you to build a theme around it for a craft beer night with your friends.

4. Here For the Girls

This delicious beer, flavored with hibiscus flowers, has a special purpose. It donates around 20% of all its sales to the Here For the Girls organization, which supports those affected by breast cancer and their families. Most people rate it highly, and its flowery taste means it’s excellent to drink in spring while supporting a worthy cause.

5. Saison Dupont

This Saison is one of the best beers to drink in the spring, thanks to its lighter, more natural feeling that pairs well with the season. This beer has a strong history, with its brewery dating back to the 1800s and its perfect flavor intensifying since the 1990s. It’s best served slightly chilled.

6. Oberon Ale

Bell’s done it again and created a fun, tasty beer, perfect for pouring out when the weather starts to warm up. It boasts a flavor rich in spice and citrus, and its name is a direct callback to one of Shakespeare’s most famous works. If you want to impress someone with your trivia knowledge, brush up on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and treat your pals to an Oberon Ale.

7. In the Future When All’s Well

This beer’s stylish packaging reminds you that there are better days to come — a nice reminder when you’re having a beer, be it alone or at a party. Reviews say that it has a pleasant vanilla taste. It’s a New England-style beer that you’ll love to drink almost as much as you’ll love snapping photos of its packaging.

8. Float Float

Float Float is a delicious farmhouse ale that you’ll enjoy if you love the tart taste in some fruits. It capitalizes on the flavors of the rural world while adding an ingredient you may not be familiar with: lingonberry. The lingonberry has medicinal properties and has been used to treat various ailments in tundra regions. If this beer’s quirky packaging doesn’t entice you enough to try it, do it for the new-to-you flavor of the lingonberry.

9. Avery Brewing El Gose

Reach for a fruited sour when you want the fresh taste of fruit but enough bitterness to remind you that you’re drinking beer. Toward the end of the season, rich fruits bursting with flavor become seasonally available. Pears are one of the juiciest late spring and early summer fruits. El Gose from Avery Brewing has a delicious prickly pear flavor, which will delight your taste buds.

10. Dog Ate My Homework

If you prefer the taste of fruit in your beer, you’ll love this great option from Brouwerij West. It has a deep purple color, which adds to the appeal of the tart blackberry flavor. The creator of this beer didn’t want a beer that was too sweet, so blackberries fit the bill excellently. It was designed for people with all tastes in mind.

These Seasonal Spring Beers Won’t Let You Down

Everything is given new life in springtime, so why not enjoy the first fruits of the season to their fullest? These seasonal spring beers incorporate some element of the season, be it a light texture, pastel color or a fruity essence. When you’re looking for something thirst-quenching, try these beers that taste delicious and can make a difference. 

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