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Why you should create Food Delivery App for your Restaurant

If you are reading this post, chances are you are a restaurant owner or manager. You probably have heard about the food delivery apps and how they can help grow your business quickly. 

Food delivery apps are one of the best ways to attract new customers, increase sales, and grow your business. The benefits of using a food delivery app for your restaurant can’t be understated. These days, almost every single customer has access to online ordering options and most likely uses it when ordering food. In fact, over 80% of consumers prefer ordering through an app than over the phone or in person! 

But, while that might be true, it is not always easy to find one that is right for your business. In this article, we are going to explain why you should create Food Delivery App for your Restaurant and some of the different types available on the market

Here are a few of the most important statistics that demonstrate how popular online meal delivery services are becoming:

  • The largest market segment, with USD 169,193 million in revenue in 2022, is Platform-to-Consumer Delivery.
  • 58% of restaurants are generating revenue through online business. 
  • A survey suggests that the number of people using mobile apps for food delivery are expected to reach 53.9 million in 2023 crossing the current mark of 45.6 million. 
  • By 2024, it is anticipated that the market will reach a value of USD 182,327 million, with a 7.5% annual revenue growth.

Reasons to create food delivery app for your business:

By adding an essential feature for a food delivery app  that unlocks a variety of advantages, you may take advantage of the better margins that a food delivery business model can offer in the modern era. 

Build brand awareness

One of the main reasons why you should create a food delivery app for your restaurant is to build brand awareness. You want to reach new customers, increase loyalty and improve customer service.

For example, if you are a pizza restaurant and don’t have a mobile app yet, then let’s say it’s late at night and someone wants to order their favorite pizza from you but they are not sure where your restaurant is located. In this case, they can easily find out about your location by taking advantage of Google Maps or other similar applications that show all nearby restaurants and shops within the user’s area when searching for “pizza near me” or something similar. 

Reach new customers

Food delivery apps can help you reach a wider audience than your restaurant alone. If a customer sees an option of food delivery app on Google when they search for restaurants in the area, they’ll be able to see multiple options that were not presented by search engine results before. This will result in more orders placed with your restaurant because of increased exposure to it. It will help you to earn additional income for your restaurant.

Get access to data-driven insights

Data analytics is the new way of doing things in the modern business world.With a food delivery app you will be able to access real time data about how many orders are being placed every day as well as which menu items are selling more than others. The best part about using data analytics for restaurants is that it helps them get access to insights about their operations, customer preferences and more. Some examples of these insights include:

  • How many customers visit the restaurant during lunchtime?
  • What type of dishes do most guests order?
  • Which type of cuisine attracts more people than others?

Boost revenue and profitability

It’s easy to see that by creating a food delivery application for your restaurant, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase sales and profits – Your customers can order from anywhere and anytime. The application will also show you what they ordered and when they ordered it, which helps with customer retention. You can use this information as feedback to improve the quality of service in your establishment.
  • Improve customer retention – Your app gives your business a unique selling point that other restaurants don’t have. This means that customers will be more loyal towards you because they feel like there is no other option out there for them except for yours. It also makes them feel special because most businesses still don’t offer this service yet!
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Most people are busy nowadays so having an app allows them convenience when eating at restaurants outside their home or office space without having any hassle whatsoever (they just need their phone). This can lead to happy customers who come back again because they know what to expect from each visit!

5. Real time metrics

Real time data is one of the most important benefits of a food delivery app for your restaurant. You can use this data to make better decisions and improve your customer experience in a variety of ways. For example:

  • If you find that people rarely order from your restaurant outside of lunch hours, you can make adjustments to ensure more orders are placed during those times.
  • If customers often complain about the quality or speediness of their food delivery, you can track these complaints and work on improving those areas.

6. Push notifications to tempt customers

When you set up Push Notifications for your food delivery app, it can be used to send out targeted messages to customers. This will help you engage with them and it will also boost the chances of customers ordering from your restaurant.

Push notifications are a great way to inform customers about new menu items or special offers that might interest them. You can also use push notifications in order to promote special events or other types of promotions that are happening at your restaurant.

7. Retain and grow business with loyalty points

In this digital era, the customers have more power and control over their choices. They can easily find new restaurants and order food via digital platforms like Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda. As a restaurant owner you need to make an online presence for your restaurant so that customers can easily access you and order food from your restaurant. You also need a mobile application for it which has all the information about your menu, location details etc. This will help the users to place orders quickly through your app instead of calling or messaging you on WhatsApp; thus saving both time and money for them as well as for yourself too!

You should create Food Delivery App For Your Restaurant if:

  • You want to retain existing customers: Loyalty programs are used by businesses across industries to reward repeat purchases from loyal customers with discounts/coupons/ vouchers etc., which encourage them not only return but also bring along friends/family members who may become future clients themselves!

8. To reduce operational costs

The food delivery app will also help you reduce your operational costs. Since the app will eliminate extra manpower, equipment and space required for food delivery, it can save you a lot of money. This is beneficial in two ways – firstly, it will reduce your operational costs and secondly, the savings on operational expenses can be channelized in other areas of your business like marketing which in turn increases sales.


It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is changing rapidly, with more people looking for a convenient way to order food without leaving their homes. With an increasing number of restaurants choosing to offer delivery services thanks to some of the best food delivery apps, it’s becoming easier than ever before for customers to place orders on their phones or computers and have them delivered right at their doorsteps within minutes! It helps you to boost revenue, increase profitability and reduce operational costs.

This type of convenience has helped drive growth in the food delivery industry over recent years – we believe there’s still plenty of room left in this space though so if you want your business to stand out from competition then consider building an app for your business!

Infographic: To Use Or Not To Use Third-Party Delivery Apps
Infographic created by Clover

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