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What is the right post workout nutrition to follow?

Best Post Work Out Nutrition to Follow for Healthy Life

Planning a workout is the first step towards the fitness journey. Every meal before and after the workout also has to be planned accordingly to get the best results. The pre-workout meals are the ones that help you in getting energy to burn off the calories during the workout and it is the post-workout meals that will help in recuperating and rejuvenating the body after a sweaty exercise. It is extremely important to consume the right nutrients, right meals made with the right fats and oils like groundnut oil for the necessary repair of the body.

Why is Nutrition after a workout important?

The importance of the right food after a workout could be better understood by comprehending how a workout affects the body. The glycogen breakup of the body during the workout is the major phenomenon that happens. Glycogen which is considered as the body’s preferred mode of the fuel source is usually what you burn during high-intensity interval training. So after the workout, it is obvious that you are depleted of glycogen and it is this component that has to be replenished. Along with this process, some of your body muscles are also broken down or damaged.

So the body’s main focus post-workout is the replenishment and repair of these glycogen stores and other muscle groups. So eating right soon after you exercise becomes the first step in the recovery process. Nutritionists all over the world are of the belief that it is significant to consume portions of proteins and carbs for the body. This is what helps the body decrease any muscle protein breakdown, increasing the protein synthesis for the overall muscle growth and restore the glycogen stores. These in turn will help the body recover and heal better. Most people are of the belief that you need to work out and just go on a calorie deficit diet to achieve their body goals, but the nuance here is to eat right so that you can burn the right amount without putting your body through a stressful period. Eating right to workout right is the basic equation to follow.

How does each macronutrient help in the post-workout recovery process?

Macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are all involved in the recovery process in their own unique way and to figure out the balanced way to consume them through your meals post-workout is the real deal. So we will discuss how each of them has a significant role in the recovery of the body.

1. Proteins

You must have seen the commercials of people or athletes consuming protein after the workout and would have wondered why? The answer is that protein is the one that helps in active recovery and helps in repairing and building muscle. During any sort of exercise, there is a breakdown of the muscle proteins. The rate of this phenomenon is so surely different for different individuals but overall it happens. When you consume proteins soon after a workout session, you are providing your body with amino acids which could help in rebuilding these muscles. New muscle tissue could be synthesized while repairing the old ones. The recommended level of protein is 0.14 to0.20 grams per pound of your body weight or the right recovery and healing process. Even consuming protein before and after the workout has seemingly the same results in terms of hypertrophy and body composition.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates abbreviate as carbs work on the recovery part of the body and replenish the body for further activities. The glycogen your body burns during the exercise depending on the type of workouts would have to be replenished back and this could be achieved by the consumption of carbs. It is postulated that 0.5 to 0.7 grams of carbs have to be consumed per pound of body weight of yours soon after the workout for the optimum glycogen resynthesis. Carbohydrates are often looked upon as the factors which cause weight gain but the right amount is important to promote insulin resistivity and hence the glycogen synthesis for the right functioning of the body.

3. Fats

This macronutrient usually has a bad name in the nutrition and fitness industry. This is even considered as the one that slows down the digestion process and puts on weight. But the bottom line is that fats are not all that bad. The glycogen syntheses will be affected by fat consumption. Healthier fats and oils like groundnut oil could be used to cook meals that are rich in protein and carbs soon after the workout which will enhance the healthy body and replenish them.

Does the timing of the meals matter?

It is found out through research that the ability of the body to rebuild glycogen is increased with exercise and hence it is best to consume a protein and carbs-rich meal as soon as the exercise culminates. The nutritionists claim that the 45-minute window is the perfect time duration for higher rates of glycogen synthesis. It is an ongoing process and consumption of balanced meals after a workout is a key to achieving fitness goals.

What are the foods that are most recommended posts workout?

Easily digestible foods but with maximum nutrient density and absorption are the key here. So in the category of carbohydrates, the main choices include sweet potatoes. Quinoa, oatmeal, fruits, rice, pasta, rice cakes. When it comes to protein there are options like an animal or plant-based protein powder, eggs, yogurt, cheese, salmon, chicken, tuna, and even a protein bar. The fats include options like nut butter, avocado, ghee, groundnut oil, trail mix, seeds.

Quick and easy meals post-workout

1. Grilled chicken with roasted veggies and rice

This is a balanced meal with the right amount of protein through chicken and roasting of the vegetables makes it less oily and hence low amount of fat included. Rice acts as a carbohydrate source. It is the potion of all these that matter.

2. Egg omelet with avocado on bread

Another very easy to put together meal after the workout but with the right components for recovery and replenishment. Avocado acts as the healthy fat with eggs being protein-rich and bread of any kind being the source of the major carbs.

3. Salmon and sweet potato

If you are a seafood enthusiast, this option could be better. Salmon has a great protein source with healthy omega-three fats in it. The combination with sweet potato makes it starchy and filled with the right nutrients.

4. Oatmeal

This meal when couples with whey protein and almonds make the right blend after a workout. With the optimum amount of carbs, fats, and proteins this meal is sure to replenish your body.

5. Greek yogurt and berries

This added with granola could be easily put up together but serves as a perfect post-workout meal with maximum benefits and replenishment.

Water consumption

Along with all the post-workout meals, water is also the most important component to be consumed after the workout. Adding some electrolytes in the water to have after the workout will immediately hydrate the body and replenish the body for better recovery and performance.

Working out the body will be worth to only if the right food is consumed and the healing process is done right.

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