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Top Restaurants in Marrakech & Agafay Desert

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful Moroccan cities, a famous destination with a pure traditional oriental style, beautiful sites, gardens and monuments, especially the legendary Jamaa El Fna square and old Medina.

However, Marrakech is also a favorite destination for food and gastronomy, the ochre city offers to its visitors a great selection of prestigious and famous restaurants, that have been ranked among the best restaurants over the world.

In this article, you will be invited to find our exclusive selection of top restaurants in Marrakech and Agafay desert before taking a closer look at the Moroccan cuisine concepts.

Exclusive Selection of Best Restaurants in Marrakech

Marrakech offers a wide choice of Moroccan restaurants nestled in every little corner of the city, mainly in the old Medina and in the chicest neighborhoods like Gueliz and Hivernage.

Restaurants in Marrakech can definitely suite all budgets, for example, you can eat a good Couscous prepared in the pure Moroccan way, in Jamaa el Fna square or in a small local restaurant for only 5$ or 6$, or you can choose to eat Couscous in one of the most recommended Restaurants in Marrakech for 30$ or 40$.

The prestigious restaurants will obviously offer you subtitle and refined cuisine, excellent service, supplement dishes will be served as starters or dessert, a sumptuous and more comfortable setting with chic tables and beautiful architecture, then a more pleasant atmosphere often with Andalusian or Oriental music.

From a very wide choice of restaurants in Marrakech, here is a selection of the best and most popular restaurants that have been recommended by many travelers:

Restaurant La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe is a luxury address in the Medina that proposes exceptional dishes and a very tasty cuisine, inside a prestigious old palace that reflects all the elegance of Morocco.

Book a table in this charming guesthouse, then have a sit in one of its several restaurant spaces: the small dining room, in the large Moroccan lounge decorated in a very elegant oriental style or around the beautiful pool garden with its amazing stone archway terrace.

The chefs of La Maison Arabe offers constantly new concepts of Moroccan cuisine that combines Mediterranean, Asian and Moroccan specialties.

Considered among the first restaurants in Marrakech, La Maison Arabe is a luxury address in the Medina that proposes

Dar Moha Restaurant

A very exceptional Moroccan restaurant recommended by great personalities and celebrities around the world such the American actor “John Malkovich”, the Egyptian celebrity “Yosra”, the big artist of Ray Music “Cheb Khaled” or international football player “Kareem Benzema”.

If you consider to have lunch or dinner in Dar Moha Restaurant during your next vacations in Marrakech, you will absolutely appreciate the spectacular selection of traditional Moroccan dishes, such as Trid, Tanjia and Pastilla. 

The cuisine of Chef Moha will allow you to taste the real flavors of Morocco in a very comfortable and prestigious atmosphere.

Agafay Luxury Camp Restaurant

For a new travel experience with a guaranteed change of scenery, you can decide to join a great gastronomic adventure during your stay in Marrakech, completely out of the ordinary.

Agafay Luxury Camp is located at few minutes from Marrakech, about 30 to 40 kilometers, in the middle of the fascinating Agafay desert.

The desert camp restaurant is composed of several spaces with luxury Berber tents that offers very exceptional nomadic experiences.

Agafay Luxury camp is an invitation to discover the original flavors of Moroccan cuisine in a vast stone desert with breathtaking panoramic views and an absolute calm.

For a more impressive atmosphere, Agafay Luxury Camp offers every evening outdoor tables for couples to enjoy a romantic dinner under the starry sky of the desert.   

exceptional gastronomic adventure during your stay in Marrakech.

Restaurant La Pause Marrakech

Discreetly installed at the gates of Marrakech between the arid hills of the fabulous Agafay desert, Restaurant la Pause Marrakech is a real oasis that deserves its name.

A highly recommended address for desert landscape enthusiasts and those who wish to take a restful break in the heart of the desert.

The Restaurant offers a variety of dishes very appreciated by the lovers of Moroccan cuisine, with festive atmosphere that can be also perfect to organize a family event, an exceptional after-work evening or a wedding ceremony.

The Moroccan Gastronomy

In each country, the gastronomy and the culinary arts offer to travelers more ideas about the lifestyle and culture of the local population… We can even say that the cuisine is a kind of gastronomic identity that reflects the cultural heritage of each nation.

The Moroccan cuisine has been classified several times as one of the best cuisines in the world, and some Moroccan dishes don’t need to be presented anymore, since most visitors have know before arriving the Moroccan Couscous, the Tajine and the Pastilla.

This remarkable reputation is also due to the strong presence of Moroccan cuisine and restaurants in the largest cities and capitals around the world.

The same goes for local cuisine recipes and ingredients, several Moroccan local products are very precious and can be found rarely in other places, like the Saffron of Taliouine, the Argan oil, the Moroccan spices (such as the Beldi cumin, the sweet and hot peppers, ras-el-Hanout, Chermoula spices), and the Moroccan olive oil with its almost unique quality… The Moroccan local products are becoming very popular in all four corners of the planet.

The great chefs of Moroccan cuisine are constantly inspired to innovate new gastronomic Moroccan dishes full of refined flavors, and to develop new recipes that even the most gourmet tastes appreciate.

Among the most popular Moroccan gastronomic dishes, we must start of course with the Couscous of 7 vegetables or Tafaya Couscous (the sweet version), Seffa with chicken and almonds, Tajine of meats with prunes or Tajine of chicken with preserved lemon and olives, without forgetting the delicious Pastilla with pigeon or fish.

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