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Top 10 Restaurants in Austin You Have to Visit

There are so many excellent restaurants in Austin that there is never enough time to visit them all. But which are the best and most worthy of a visit? To begin, you should be aware that you must sample all of the culinary categories available in Austin. From food trucks and farm-to-table meals to the top BBQ joints and Tex Mex specialists. Not to mention the international eateries that will steal your heart. However, don’t expect this list to include only the most classy and pricey eateries. Instead, we aim to highlight what is popular and well-liked by locals and visitors, with prices ranging from $2 to $200. As a result, let us see which are the top 10 restaurants in Austin you must visit. If you only dine at these places, you will get a good idea of how good food can be in Austin. 

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya

Kemuri Tatsu Ya is unlike any other restaurant in the world and is, without a doubt, one of the top Austin eateries. Here you can taste a wonderful mixture between the best Japanese food and Texas’s best barbeque flavors. There is so much to try on the menu that you will have trouble deciding what to choose first. However, we do have a few recommendations that we think you will enjoy. For instance, some must-order delicacies are the smoked melt-in-your-mouth brisket, kurobuta pig belly, Tokyo street corn, and the BBQ tsukemen ramen with smoked jalapeno. Also, if you like to taste a tasty drink, we are all for the Jealous Melon and the Kanbara Aincent Treasure Khosu. For dessert, give the Japanese Tamago pudding a try. We can guarantee you will love it.

Ceramic bowl filled with ramen soup.
If you love ramen, you should visit one of the best Japanese restaurants in Austin, Kemuri Tatsu-Ya.

Odd Duck

This restaurant isn’t the newest or the flashiest in town, but it deserves all the credit. It opened in Austin in 2009 and is the ultimate example of why eating out is beneficial. Furthermore, Old Duck began as a food truck and has evolved into a gorgeous and belly-filling farm-to-table jewel. Here you will be served food made only with local ingredients, put together by an ingenious and passionate chef. We recommend you try the dry-aged wagyu burger or the grilled quail and wash it down with a draft beer or cider from their beautiful selection. However, be aware that the menu changes often, and it might be hard to keep up with all the new arrivals on the menu.

Bufalina Due

Austin is known for many wonderful pizza places, but when it comes to the best, we always recommend Bufalina. Bufalina serves amazing Neapolitan-style pizza that will make you crave more. When you order a pizza in Bufalina, you always receive wood-fired dough paired with fresh toppings and mozzarella. For your first visit here, we recommend you try a classic Margherita or Fresca pizza as something light and delightful. Or, you can go wild with a potato and Parmesan pizza, roasted wild mushroom, vodka arrabiata, or the classic calabrese and marinara.


This restaurant opened its doors in Austin in 2018 and has since taken the city by storm. Suerte means “fortunate” in Spanish, but the food at this Austin favorite is outstanding and not by chance. The food here is as diverse and excellent as you can imagine, and we couldn’t possibly recommend just one dish. You might even have to relocate to Austin and sample everything on the menu to understand how excellent this place is. So get help from moving experts to settle down in the city fast and safely, and start exploring Austin bite by bite at Suerte. We recommend starting with the Suadero tacos, guacamole con macha verde, or pollo al carbon. Pair the food with one of the tasty handcrafted cocktails, and you’ll feel like you’ve struck gold.

Taste of Homemade Dumplings

Do you like Chinese food? So do we! But do you love a good dumpling? Who doesn’t, right!? At Taste of Homemade Dumplings, all the dumplings are fresh and light and made right in front of you by the restaurant employees. Also, this isn’t one of the top restaurants in Austin that you have to visit for nothing. The varieties of dumplings and dishes will make your mouth water by reading their names. Dumplings with shrimp, beef and celery, pork pickled cabbage, or lamb with cilantro are all great options. Furthermore, you have noodles, rice, and side dishes that you have to try to believe how good they can be.

Franklin Barbeque

If you were wondering where you could have a taste of the best Texan barbeque, we have the answer: Franklin Barbecue. This eatery is just 15 minutes from the Texas capital and will always have a queue out the door. You’ll want to sample a little bit of everything, and while the lines can grow incredibly long, it’s still worth it for genuine barbecue enthusiasts. The pulled pork and brisket are among the favorites, but we can guarantee that you will love anything you order from Franklin Barbeque.

Salt and Time

If you feel like tasting a classic American delicacy, it means you need a burger. And if it were up to us to choose the best burger in Austin, we would pick the Salt and Time burger. It’s, hands down, one of the restaurants in Austin you have to visit. It’s a half-pound beef burger prepared daily from high-quality trimmings such as ribeye, topped with aioli, sour pickles, and beef-fat french fries. Every bite is full of juiciness and flavor, and you’ll feel in heaven when eating it. Combining such a succulent and tasty burger with the perfect fries didn’t seem possible. Yet, the chefs at Salt and Time achieved the impossible.

Pecan Square Cafe

Pecan Square is the place to go if you want to try some tasty Italian cuisine. The food options on the menu change seasonally, but there is always something outstanding to taste. For example, try the handmade pasta with goat ricotta, the delicious tagliatelle with pesto, or the zucchini fritto. Also, if you like pizza or salads more, you have plenty of alternatives on the menu. The provencal salad and the early girl tomato pizza are among our favorites.

A wooden fork with pasta wrapped around it.
What can be better than pasta? Homemade pasta, of course!


Mattie’s is a fantastic spot to have a memorable breakfast or brunch. For instance, the fried chicken eggs Benedict is one of the tastiest breakfast dishes you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. At the same time, the brioche French toast with candied walnuts and fresh berries is difficult to surpass. This restaurant not only serves delicious meals but also offers a lovely setting. It’s a beautiful mansion with breathtaking surroundings and the most wonderful porch.

Better Half

This place is among the local favorites and one of the best restaurants in Austin you have to visit, and for good reasons. Everything you find on the menu is homemade, including the hamburger buns and the English muffin. In addition, the employees put a lot of hard work and passion into the food, and you can almost taste it. Breakfast sandwiches stacked with hash brown patties or the classic cauliflower tater tots are among the top picks on the menu here. However, you can always come to have a cappuccino and a slice of their famous burnt cheesecake.

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