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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Apples

If you love fall weather, you may spend an afternoon picking apples at the orchard. Check out a few facts you probably didn’t know about this delightful fruit.

Apples are one of the most popular, delicious, and versatile fruits, and almost everyone has tried at least one variety in their lifetime. Because you can eat them alone or cook them into various snacks and dishes, apples are an excellent addition to any kitchen. Also, you may adorn your kitchen table with a bowl of apples to create a unique fall ambience. Whether you eat one daily or only eat them in pie, explore a few things you probably didn’t know about apples. 

They May Brighten Your Teeth 

Although you shouldn’t substitute your toothpaste with apples, eating this fruit may aid in brightening your teeth. Apples contain malic acid, so eating them regularly may help clean your mouth and whiten your teeth. With that in mind, if your mouth needs refreshing but you don’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste, you can eat an apple instead. 

Apples Are Approximately 25 Percent Air 

Bobbing for apples is a common fall party activity, and it only works because apples float in water. You may wonder how they float—it’s because apples are approximately 25 percent air, making them less dense than water. Be sure to share this interesting fact with anyone who wonders why apples float!

European Pilgrims Brought Them to the US 

While you may think most apple varieties are native to the United States, that’s not true; believe it or not, Pilgrims brought apples to places like Virginia and Massachusetts. In fact, the only apples that are native to the US are crab apples. 

You may have heard about Johnny Appleseed and his apple trees all over the midwest, but the story doesn’t stop there. Although apple varieties have come a long way, you can still credit John Chapman—the man behind the Johnny Appleseed legend—with expanding the love for apples throughout the United States. 

Apples May Help Ripen Other Fruits 

There’s nothing worse than trying to eat unripe fruit, and you can’t do much other than wait. However, apples exude an abundance of ethylene gas, which may accelerate the ripening process for other produce. Simply place your unripe avocado, banana, tomato, or other fruit in a bag with a fresh apple to speed up the ripening process. After learning a few things you probably didn’t know about apples, you’re one step closer to becoming an apple expert. No matter what you do with your freshly picked apples, you now have some fun facts to share with friends and family when you take a trip to the local orchard this season.

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