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How to Use a Grill Cover to Make Your BBQ Grill Last Longer

People love the taste of grilled food. They love the activity of building fires in their backyards. Now that outdoor cooking season is underway, many homeowners are planning to do what they love by buying new grills. However, being an outdoor cook involves way more than just buying a new grill. You also have to take care of your BBQ grill.

Buying a high-quality grill cover is the best way to protect your precious BBQ in all seasons. Most experienced outdoor cooks and grilling experts use these covers to protect their grills from dust, moisture, and outdoor pollutants. Here’s how you can use these covers to keep your grill protected and make it last longer.

Is it Necessary to Cover My BBQ Grill?

Yes – that’s the straightforward answer. Not covering your BBQ can lead to many problems. The main threat is rust. Grills rust pretty fast when they’re exposed to the elements. Cleaning such rusty, corroded grills is very difficult. Most grills that get corroded once never regain their original beauty.

The corrosion can also cause health-related issues for users. Smoking meat on rusty grills can have severe ill effects on the consumers. A guest may end up consuming rust-infected meat if you don’t regularly cover your BBQ. Rust on metal grills is hard to spot. The only way to avoid such health-related risks is by keeping the grill covered at all times.

What Material BBQ Cover Should I Purchase?

Ideally, your cover should be water and weather-resistant. Rainfall, windy weather, and harsh sunlight can all damage your grill in different ways. That’s why buying BBQ covers made of weather-resistant materials like vinyl is always the safer option. Vinyl is highly sun-resistant, i.e., it doesn’t let harmful UV rays penetrate the cover.

More importantly, vinyl is water-resistant, so vinyl covers keep grills safe during the rainy season. Another synthetic material, polyester, is similar to vinyl. It too is water-resistant, sturdy, lightweight, and can be used in challenging weather conditions. When shopping for BBQ covers, look for such weather-resistant materials. Avoid cotton or silk covers.

How to Use the Cover to Protect My Grill?

The main purpose of a BBQ cover is to protect the grill against weather-related risks. Wind, rain, snow, or moisture can all cause corrosion. Protect your grill from these threats by covering it any time it’s not being used. Even if you store your grill indoors (e.g., inside your garage), keep it covered at all times.

  • Use the cover to protect your grill from dirt, moisture, and other risks that are present in indoor environments.
  • When grills are left uncovered, they attract pests and insects. These pests look for food leftovers in the grill. They also nest inside the grill. Overall, these pests can raise serious hygiene issues. Deter these pests by keeping the grill covered at all times.  
  • In-between your grilling sessions, use the cover to protect your grill from prolonged sunlight exposure. By doing so, you’ll protect it from fading.

If you’re a proud BBQ owner, buy a high-quality cover now and start preserving your precious item!

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