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Cleaning your BBQ grill: what you need to know

A bbq is a great way to entertain and spend time with family and friends. Some bbqs are equipped with a bbq cover to keep everything clean and dry when it is not in use. If you do not have a bbq cover, now is the time to consider buying one.

What makes bbq covers useful?

The bbq grill can be quite dirty if not taken care of after ever single use. 

Here are some tips on how you take care of your bbq grill:

  • Use aluminum foil or non stick cooking spray to prevent food from sticking onto the grill surface – this makes cleaning easier
  • Always turn off the gas before you start cleaning up – this will help save valuable resources such as propane gas, money, etc…
  • When bbq grates are still hot after bbqing, brush with bbq cleaning tool or basting brush
  • If you do not have bbq brushes, scrape of the bbq remains using spatula – this method is also useful to remove bbq sauce splatters on the inside of the grill walls
  • Remove bbqs once they are cool – make sure that you follow safety protocols otherwise you risk getting burned
  • If there are rust spots on your bbq grill, apply some vegetable oil and scrub with steel wool. Make sure to dispose of steel wool properly after use because it can cause fatal injuries
  • Once everything has cooled down, take a wet paper towel/cloth and wipe off excess bbq grime.
  • Purchase bbq grill covers to help protect your bbq grill when not in use. If you do not have bbq covers, make sure bbqs are properly stored in a dry area or invest in bbq covers

Do bbq covers really prevent rusting?

Yes! With regular care and proper storage, bbqs should never get rusted unless they are extremely old. 

It is important to note that if you see any rust spots on your bbqs immediately apply vegetable oil and scrub with steel wool before grilling. This saves you from buying new bbqs every few years because the rust has already destroyed them beyond repair.

If barmen bbq covers are not up to your standard and you do not want bbqs to rust at all, bbq covers made of stainless steel material offer great resistance against rain and sun. Stainless steel bbq covers also prevent bbqs from scratching and fading which makes it easier to maintain bbqs when they dry after cleaning

Are barmen bbq covers good quality?

Yes! Barmen grilling bbq cover offers great solutions for barmen bbq grill owners who need to cover their bbqs on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking for commercial polyester fabric or metal solution, Barmen has got you covered. 

You may choose the durable commercial grade polyester bbq cover if you bbq frequently and want bbqs to remain in top condition.

If you enjoy bbqs outdoors, the outdoor bbq fabric barmen grill cover is a great option because it protects bbqs from extreme weather conditions such as rain and wind. This bbq cover material is also resistant against fading which keeps your bbqs shiny for longer periods of time.

The metal solution Barmen offers comes with hooks that fit into the design on the barmen grill. When not in use, this makes it easier to store the barmen grills safely at home or even inside your car’s trunk during road trips!


Using bbq covers to prevent bbqs from rusting and bbq grime from splattering is a great way to take care of bbqs. If you bbq regularly, protecting your barmen bbq grill with barmen bbq covers will be a worthwhile investment for many years to come!

Outdoor bbq grill barmen grilling bbqs barmen grilled barmen bbqs barmen bbq grill barmen’s barmen bbqs.

Make sure you purchase a high quality bbq cover so you can protect your investments and have many years of outdoor family fun!

With proper care and storage of bbqs, bbq covers are an affordable solution to bbq grill owners

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