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How To Plan A Wedding Menu In A Pinch

Weddings are usually well planned out, and things like your wedding menu are selected months in advance. So what happens when that is not the case? With the global Covid-19 pandemic, many couples are tired of waiting for the perfect time to get married and are moving forward with intimate micro weddings at the spur of the moment. So how can you throw together a wedding feast that your close friends and family will love that doesn’t feel like it was a last-minute decision?

Set A Budget

There is an old saying that money solves most problems. This saying is, unfortunately, pretty accurate, but no one wants to overpay. So set a budget that you are good with and try and stick with it so that at the end of the day, you don’t have any regrets and debt to pay to start your new life.

Decide On A Caterer Or If You Will Do It Yourself

If you use a caterer or not may be decided for you, depending on the timeframe. Most caterers will need to be booked in advance, so start by calling a few of your favorites and see if they have any availability. If they don’t, you will need to move on to step 2: planning a dinner menu template of what you will be serving and what you can make yourself.

Narrow Down The Wedding Menu

Whether you have a carter or end up doing it yourself, you must be selective with what you use. Nothing is worse than finding out on your big day that you could not get the crab flown in or you are missing a vital element of your meal. You can save money and time by selecting foods that are in season. Doing this ensures that your choices will be readily available no matter what happens.

Pick Your Must-Have’s And Forget The Rest

You are working with a tight timeline, so you must sit down and decide on what you want the most. Start with the most essential, like the location and the menu. Once you have a place and a menu, everything else is just icing on the cake, so to speak.

So if you are planning a last-minute wedding dinner, don’t stress. Follow these simple steps and remember what makes your wedding special. It is your love and the love of those that have supported you through the years. 

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