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Creative Ways To Display Food at an Event

Make the next event you host unique by creatively displaying the food. Make a lasting impression on guests by using our best ideas for assembling food.

When you’re hosting an event, how you design the decor and lay out the food can make an impression on your guests and create memories for them. If you’re searching for ways to display food at this event creatively, look no further. Food is an essential element of any event; use the following ideas to display your food in a way the guests will never forget.

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Display Veggies in Terra Cotta Pots

Where do vegetables come from? The ground, of course! If you’re serving salads or veggies as a side for your main dish, consider placing them in terra cotta pots for a unique display. This design is both charming and affordable to create.

DIY Displays and Bars

Not every guest will have the same preference when it comes to meals and beverages, so why not create a DIY display where they can create their own concoctions? Consider a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar or a custom DIY take-home dessert bar. No matter the route you choose, guests will leave satisfied.

Appetizer Trays

Sometimes, when you’re in a club or a bar, a server will walk around handing out shots. You can use this creative idea to display food at your event, too! Have a server walk around with mini bite-size portions of appetizers that guests can grab from them during cocktail hour. This makes for an easier clean-up and brings the food directly to guests.

Dramatize Displays With a Play on Words

When you’re coming up with ideas for a unique catering menu, the more you can add to a display, the more attractive and enticing the food will become. When there’s little room to make an extravagant display, consider dramatizing it with a play on words. Write attention-grabbing quotes on cards relevant to the event that make these food items more fun and interactive.

Mini Fruit Bouquets

Are you hosting a wedding reception? Consider turning the fruit display into mini bouquets that resemble flowers. This adds personality to the food that matches the theme or events of the day. Cut various kinds of fruit into different shapes and sizes, use wooden skewers to hold them in place, and arrange them in a way that looks like a flower bouquet.

Give some thought to your food displays to create a unique experience for guests at your party. After guests see your display, they won’t forget the effort and creativity it took to design it. How will you display the food at your next event?

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