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Best TikTok Food Trends

You can’t scroll through TikTok for very long before coming across some crazy recipes. People use the social media platform to post their culinary adventures, which occasionally turn into trendy recipes. These are some of the best TikTok food trends of the past year that you can try today after a quick trip to the grocery store.

1. The Chopped Sandwich

When an Italian hoagie calls your name, turn it into a chopped sandwich. TikTok users collect the same ingredients, like salami, capicola, ham, pepperoni and veggies. After dicing the ingredients into fine pieces, they serve them on a classic hoagie bun. You could also have it in a bowl if you’re more in the mood for a salad.

2. Hashbrown Toast

Change the game with your next breakfast by making hashbrown toast. Fry shredded hashbrowns in small patty shapes and fill them with whatever breakfast foods you adore. The root veggies are high in potassium and vitamin C, making them a healthier option than standard white bread.

3. Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

Unroll a Fruit Roll-Up the next time you’re craving dessert. A spoonful or two of vanilla ice cream fits right in the middle. Fold the corners into the center to make an ice cream dumpling, then wrap it in freezer paper and freeze it for fifteen minutes to ensure your ice cream remains the right consistency.

4. Caviar Doritos

Danielle Zaslavskaya changed the internet when she thought twice about enjoying Doritos straight from a chip bowl. Enjoy her caviar Doritos recipe by spooning a small bite of caviar onto a Cool Ranch Doritos chip, then top it with a dollop of cream cheese to balance the salty chip with sweet cheese. Your charcuterie game is about to be off the charts.

5. Ramen Lasagna

Anyone can make a classic lasagna recipe, but only savvy chefs can make it with ramen. Try one of the best TikTok food trends by putting four blocks of ramen noodles in a large casserole dish. Top them with spaghetti sauce, ricotta cheese and your preferred shredded cheese. Repeat the cheese and sauce layers until your dish is full, then cook it for 45 minutes to serve a new dish everyone will adore.

6. Whipped Hot Chocolate

Finish your day with a mug of whipped hot chocolate to treat yourself to a TikTok delicacy. Use an electric blender to mix heavy whipping cream with hot chocolate until it doubles in size. Pour warm chocolate milk into your mug and spoon the fluffy peaks over it. You’ll have a creamy, dreamy dessert ready in minutes.

7. Honeycomb Pasta

Whether it’s the perfect time of year to figure skate with your partner or pick strawberries in the sunshine, honeycomb pasta always hits the spot. Cook rigatoni pasta to al dente perfection, drain it and spray a springform pan with oil.

Line each rigatoni piece vertically around the pan until it’s full. Cover the pasta with cheese, top it with a jar of marinara sauce and add a final layer of cheese if desired. After it bakes for 20 minutes, you’ll get to enjoy your new favorite recipe for Italian night.

8. Carrot Bacon

People with all dietary preferences can enjoy carrot bacon together. It’s a great appetizer for your next party or a sweet treat while you’re trying to eat low-carb for a while. Use a peeler or mandoline to cut thick carrot slices lengthwise. Blend liquid smoke, tahini sauce, maple syrup and canola oil together, then drench each carrot slice in the mixture.

Bake the carrots for five to 10 minutes or until they reach your desired crispiness. If you have an air fryer, follow the same steps before baking them in your favorite frying appliance. Eat them as an appetizer, chop them up on salads or add them to sandwiches as your heart desires.

9. Watermelon White Claw Grapes

Some people keep their white wine or cocktails cool with reusable ice cubes. Others make frozen, boozy grapes to accomplish the same thing. If you want a drink and a snack, this is the TikTok food trend for you.

Get a bunch of seedless grapes and put them in a big bowl. Fill the bowl with your alcoholic beverage of choice, like watermelon White Claw, prosecco or vodka. They’ll need to soak up your chosen booze all night before you can transfer them to the freezer for a few hours. 

These grapes will keep your beverages cool without diluting them. They’ll even add another flavor to your drink, improving your mixology skills.

10. Vegan Pancake Cereal

Giving up cereal can be one of the hardest parts of starting a vegan diet. There are boxed alternatives you could find at specialty grocery stores, but TikTok geniuses want you to save a few dollars by making this hacked recipe at home.

Combine flour, baking powder, baking soda and plant-based milk in a bowl. Mix until combined, then pour them in tiny dollops onto a griddle. They’ll cook in seconds, so this is a quick recipe you can make in a pinch. Store them in your fridge for a few days to enjoy your homemade cereal throughout the week.

Try the Best TikTok Food

You don’t need to be chronically online to learn the best TikTok food creations people are making. Recreate these recipes at home when you’re feeling creative. Whether you’re craving something salty or sweet, you’ll discover all new foods you never would have made without them going viral.

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