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Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites In The UK With Home Delivery

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that shopping has changed a lot in the last decade. E-commerce stores have sprung up left and right. Many of the best online grocery shopping sites have business modules you won’t get in brick and mortar stores like home delivery.

Online grocery shopping is very convenient and puts one at ease, saving one’s time and energy for other tasks. Another perk of an online shopping site is that it can be used from anywhere and you can easily reorder your common purchases.

Covid-19 further enhanced this with social distancing, which is now a part of our lives. Many would rather shop from the comfort of their homes and have it delivered to their doorsteps than go outside, encountering crowded aisles, dodging trolleys and dealing with other humans.

The ease that comes with shopping online is unrivaled. 

Also, you can casually browse shopping sites during your free time to see if the store has what you need. This is better than taking a trip all the way to a store and coming back home empty-handed. Browsing online grocery sites also helps inspire your culinary side, for people who love to try out new recipes.

A perfect example of this can be seen when trying to buy African and Caribbean foods. These aren’t food items that you can get in most stores near you. But there are plenty of online shops that you can buy them from. Most will even deliver to your doorstep.

All in all, choose an online grocery store that is best suited to your budget, taste and needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of incentives like promos, discounts and free deliveries.

Are you finding it hard to decide on an online shopping site? Not to worry! We have carefully compiled a list of the best shopping sites in the UK in this article. The best for you may depend on a lot of factors like proximity to your location, delivery cost, delivery time and so on.

Many of the best online grocery shopping sites have business modules you won’t get in brick and mortar stores like home delivery.


Tesco is one of the most flexible online grocery sites in the UK. There is no limit on the amount you can spend but there is a small charge on a basket under £25.

They also offer same-day delivery. Delivery charges depend on the time of the day. A one-hour slot is between £3 to £7, while a Flexi-saver shot costs between £1 to £4. The Delivery Saver subscription costs £8 per month. This gives you unlimited deliveries as long as you spend at least £40.

Another thing to note about Tesco is that they deliver fresh products although their prices are more expensive than closest rivals.

Tesco Clubcard is also a big plus for them.


Kiri Foods is one of the best online grocery shops for African food items. The importance of such a store is particularly important to Africans living in the UK.

To get Afro-Caribbean supplies and other regular grocery shopping, most people need to make trips to several stores. Kiri Food is the only African shop we’re aware of that offer free delivery in the UK.

Apart from food and drinks, you can also get various health and beauty products from Kiri Foods.

They also have loyalty points which can be accumulated to later purchase on their website.


ASDA is on our best online grocery store list because their online prices are as low as their store prices. Their app is also user friendly. They offer special offers and even post mouthwatering recipes you can make with your groceries.

There is no minimum spend, but you will be charged £3 as a delivery fee for any order less than £40.  Delivery fees differ from £1 to £7.

One of their downsides is that their products can often have substitutes.


Sainsbury’s is another affordable online grocery store. Not only are their prices cheap, but they also have a wide range of products you can choose from. This allows you to do all your shopping in one place, at a go.

They also offer regular vouchers and discounts.

They also offer same-day delivery, so you can get your groceries delivered to your doorsteps a few hours after you place your order. 

Compared to the other sites, there is a minimum spend of £40. The supermarket offers a monthly delivery subscription starting from £10to £20.


Ocado has a wide variety of groceries you can choose from, ranging from popular brands to the less known ones.

Delivery costs vary from £3 to £7 for orders under £75. However, you might be lucky to get free delivery for orders over £75.

You can also subscribe for their monthly or yearly delivery, as a loyal customer. It will help save a lot on delivery charges.

Aside from this, as a loyal customer, you will be on their priority list for Christmas deliveries. You also get to enjoy some discounts.


Waitrose has one of the best websites out there. Their website is designed to give customers ease of use as well as an enjoyable online experience.

In addition to this, they also have a wide range of products. Not only do they deliver regular groceries, but they also have a pet, florist, garden and even readymade food section.

Waitrose has a £40 minimum spend. They are one of the most expensive online grocery sites but the catch is that there is no delivery or picking charge. However, there might be a delivery charge from certain stores in some parts of the country. You will be notified of this before your order is completed.


Morrisson’s offers fresh produce at affordable prices. If you have a very slim budget for your groceries, then this should be your number one stop.

They have a good range of groceries and even ready-made meals you can order for a friend as a surprise lunch break gift or on special occasions. 

You have to spend at least £40 to qualify for home delivery. The average delivery fee is £4.

You can subscribe to their weekly or monthly delivery options which will help you save money on delivery.


As the name implies, Amazon Fresh supplies fresh groceries like milk, bread, fruit, meat, vegetables and so on. They will also deliver to your doorstep.

This online store helps locals by delivering goods from suppliers closest to you. Amazon has a partnership with Whole Foods, Morrisons, Booths and smaller-scale producers to help make this possible.

The delivery service is free for Amazon Prime members. Orders from £40 upwards qualify for free delivery, which can be delivered on the same day, if you wish.


Hello Fresh online store provides the recipe for your meal. They are one of the best in the meal prep delivery game.

They even send the ingredients you will need to make it in a box. Perishable ingredients like dairy and meat are kept fresh with ice packs.

All you need to do is pick a plan and wait for your delivery.


As the name suggests, Oddbox is a little bit odd. It helps local farmers by storing, selling and delivering locally grown seasonal vegetables and fruits. This is done by delivering the bits that are a bit misshapen and cannot be sold to big grocery stores.

If you wish to cut costs, while enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables and also helping local farmers boost their profit, you should consider shopping with Oddbox.


Online grocery shopping has made shopping very easy. Simply by downloading an app on your mobile or browsing a site, you can easily buy your groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep at any time you want.

In addition to all these, it has also made it easy to keep a track of your spending. Before you check out and complete your order, you can remove or add more items to your cart, depending on your spending budget. 

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