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How to Beef up the Security at Your Restaurant: 8 Easy Changes

Improved security measures are one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your business. Restaurants need extra protection with the numerous people going in and out daily. 

Consider making these easy changes to beef up the security at your establishment and maintain a safe workplace for your employees.

1. Install a Biometric Door Lock

Anyone can learn how to pick a lock. It may have been a rare skill in previous decades, but now there are entire social media accounts dedicated to teaching people how to get through any manual lock. Your restaurant is better off against criminals if it relies on biometrics.

The biometric industry is taking off in a big way. Experts estimate it will be worth over $8.8 billion by 2026 because individuals and businesses use biometrics to boost security. Install a lock that needs a facial scan or fingerprint identification.

Whoever locks up or opens your restaurant will have access, limiting who can get in at any time. The biometrics will also prevent someone from breaking in if they order a simple lockpicking set off the internet.

2. Change to Rolling Doors

Even the best locks can only do so much to protect your restaurant. Aging doors with loose hinges that’s easy to kick though could be the weakest security points at your venue. Rolling doors prevent that from ever being the case. 

They roll out of sight during your business hours and use sensors to check that their pathway is clear before rolling down for the night. The thick metal and potential gauge curtain will keep criminals out no matter how persistent they are. 

3. Add Motion-Activated Floodlights

Some restaurants aren’t in well-lit areas. Criminals may target those venues because it’s easier to sneak in and out without drivers seeing them. Consider if your restaurant has heavily shadowed areas before installing motion-activated floodlights.

Criminals trying to sneak through the woods behind your restaurant or by the side where the dumpsters sit in the dark won’t get far. As soon as they move in range of the light sensors, the entire area will look like it’s daytime. If they proceed to vandalize your property, you’ll have well-lit imagery of their faces on your security cameras.

4. Integrate POS and Security Cameras

Installing working security cameras around any business is crucial, but your system could become more secure if it integrates with your point-of-sale (POS) system. Whenever someone accesses the register, the camera closest to them will record what they do. If there’s employee theft, the cameras will automatically match the timestamp on their recordings with the timed activity in your POS system.

Although this measure won’t stop anyone from stealing money or short-changing your restaurant, finding a potential thief is much easier. You’ll get your money back faster and know who’s responsible for taking money, stealing your high-tech coffee scale or breaking server tablets immediately.

5. Establish a VPN

People using the internet at your restaurant open a potential security concern. Anyone can trace the device they’re using and develop a digital attack to access your business’s secure accounts.

Beefing up security measures doesn’t always include physical hardware like cameras. You can also set up a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your restaurant’s online footprint. Routing your user history data through an encrypted network tunnel ensures no one can hack your restaurant’s bank account, payroll software and more.

6. Upgrade the Office Safe

Many restaurant owners keep safes in their on-site offices. They might hold your restaurant’s most valuable paperwork or tip money for distribution later. No matter what you want to protect, upgrading your safe is an easy change you can make this week.

Find one that’s too heavy to lift easily and uses a combination of electric and mechanical locks. You might also want to invest in a model with a biomechanical access point for improved security. Materials that can withstand flames will also shield your belongings from accidental or purposeful fire damage.

7. Meet Your Employees’ Needs

Disgruntled employees may become more inclined to steal money. Their loyalty and goodwill can dissolve if they are unsatisfied with their employer. Even your most trusted workers could join the 88% who hide their theft by altering documents or destroying data.

Keep your employees happy enough to avoid harming your business by meeting their needs. Provide complimentary meals while they’re on long shifts and free beverages whenever they need hydration. Enforce regular break times and present hard workers with random bonuses. Holiday gifts are also nice because they make people feel extra appreciated.

8. Screen New Hires

Don’t forget about the power of a simple background check. You should know exactly who you’re hiring. A background check will clarify if someone has a history of stealing from their employers. You’ll avoid hiring someone who could increase your chances of getting robbed. It makes your team and business safer, even if the hiring process is longer.

Improve Your Restaurant’s Security

Beefing up the security at your restaurant is simple. All you need to do is reflect on the venue’s security weaknesses. Matching those lapses with improvements like high-tech upgrades or simple floodlights could make your business much safer. You’ll protect yourself and your team members from potential threats so everyone’s happier on the long road to success.

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