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9 Appliances Storage Ideas for Your Small Kitchens

Whether you love to cook or simply eat, the kitchen happens to be an integral part of your life. And a messy one is not the desired one for any. You might have already invested a lot of money in buying those electricalgadgets for your kitchen. But the real stress kicks in when you have tomaintain and organize them properly to save enough space. And that’s where we will help you out.

No one likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, organizing and cleaning thespace every day. That is why here are a few quick and proven tricks that canhelp you to store your kitchen appliances, and save some time, space, and labor without any trouble.

9 quick tips to organize your kitchen appliances

1. Board Slots Can Be Effective

Okay, so you have already got those different chopping boards and stylish trays for your kitchen. But they tend to take up a lot of space which can be a great problem for the ones with a small kitchen.

The quick hack here is to create a space with board slots. Yes, just like you organize those files on your shelf and keep them in partitions, why not apply that same trick to your kitchen boards as well?

Make some easy partitions in your kitchen cabinet, which is solely designedfor storing such boards. It not only helps you to organize them properly but also helps in finding them instantly.

2. Build Appliances Along With Your Kitchen

Finally, in case you need to include more appliances, you can do so, bybuilding the kitchen along with the big ones. As a result of such construction,you get to save space, while allocating appropriate space to the appliances which minimizes the hassle of storing them elsewhere.

Because whenever you need a microwave repair job or while operating your grinder you must have enough space to slide them backward and forth making it easy to maintain and keeping it from damages.

3. Work On the Corners

It isn’t always easy to find the relevant storage places in your kitchen,especially, when the space is limited. That is why you need to make the best of your corners for saving that extra space.

How? Well, you need to get slightly creative with those corners and makestorage sections appropriately to accommodate your coffee maker and other kitchen appliances.

4. Rack on Wheels Maybe?

In the case of compact space, many people often get tired of moving things around to clean the spaces. That is why you can invest in moveable racks that can store your kitchen appliances and are quite easy to move around.

You can still clean those spaces but without expending much labor.

5. Does Pulling Out Help?

Pull-out drawers are a great option for both storage as well as saving space. You can customize these pull-out drawers as per the kitchen appliances #39; dimensions. And store them quite well without taking up much space on the counters.

These are easy to pull, maintain, and quite cost-effective options.

6. Why Not Let Them Float?

When you do not have an ample amount of space, you can look for the floating shelves. The structure is made appropriately to save space while accommodating all the necessary appliances properly. They look quite simple yet elegant while helping you organize your kitchen appliances without any effort.

7. Did you get a pegboard wall?

Pegboards are quite easy to integrate along with your kitchen shelves. These look quite classy while they help you to get a functional unit without taking up much space.

If you color them in bold accent colors, you can also blend them in perfectly while creating an attractive focal point for the onlookers. Also, this one happens to be a great option for you as you can hang your daily utensils and other cookware which lessens your hassles to find them when in need.

8. Sliding Doors Aren’t Messy

If you want a clean yet functional kitchen, you need to think about getting those sliding doors. Not only these are great for killing the additional space but are quite easy to use. You can get these for your shelves or cabinets as per your choices. Also, they are quite a chic option when it comes to home décor.

9. Command Station Is Necessary

Well, we know how annoying it gets when someone messes up your kitchen. Or doesn’t follow the instructions already provided by you. And no matter how many times you say it, people tend to forget it.

So, the next time you can stick quick notes in your Microwave  or refrigerator, because nothing can be better than a command board.

Get that traditional chalkboard contact paper and stick them inside the pockets of any of your cabinets. You can be specific and get every cabinetone such paper to write down the instructions regarding the same to minimize the troubles caused in your kitchen. These can be quite effective to store WIFI passwords, recipes, deals & amp; coupons, and many more.


These are some of the hacks that you might follow if you want to remodel your small kitchen without compromising your kitchen appliances.

Which one did you feel is a realistic one and can be easily included in your kitchen? Or did you recently got a unique idea for your kitchen about storing those appliances? Either way, do share your thoughts about the same and till then, keep organizing & enjoy cooking!

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