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7 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the home, where food is made and shared and loved ones gather together. You have to be sure it can handle everything you dish out. If yours is looking dull, try out these must-have upgrades that will quickly take your kitchen to another level.

1. Fresh Paint on Cabinets

Cabinets don’t need to be replaced every so often to look good and be functional, as home appliances might. You can add a fresh coat of paint or change the hardware for a new look. Painting can always be undone and redone — and it can save you the frustration and money in buying new cabinets and installing them yourself. 

White has been the most popular cabinet color for years, so it’s always a safe option if you want something timeless. You can always add a pop of color if you plan to upgrade your kitchen. Painting your cabinets and switching out their hardware is an easy way to give your kitchen a fresh look without a massive upgrade.

2. Pull-Down Faucet

You can’t do much with a kitchen sink when the water doesn’t reach every inch. A pull-down faucet can transform how you fill water filters or wash your dishes. It allows you to rinse your sink out more effectively, and you can even use it to water your plants. The possibilities are endless with a faucet that can bend and move to your will. A pull-down faucet will transform your life and shave some of the time off of your daily chores.

3. Appliance Upgrades

One way to make your house feel up to date is to upgrade kitchen appliances. They are supposed to make your life easier, not add stress to it. It might be time to replace some of your machines so you can have a stress-free cooking experience. 

You might also buy devices to help you prepare your meals. Items like food processors to help you quickly prepare ingredients are a must-have when you cook in bulk. 

If adding smaller appliances to your kitchen collection isn’t in the cards for you, examine what your kitchen already has — and might need upgrading. If your dishwasher has broken more times than you can count recently, upgrading to one that’s more reliable and energy-efficient can improve your quality of life.

4. Radiant Floor

A radiant floor can keep your feet warm throughout the year. The system circulates heat, allowing warmth to creep up through the floor’s surface and even some of the air around it. It might seem like an unnecessary upgrade, but it may make cooking and cleaning your kitchen more enjoyable. It may even motivate you to get your chores done instead of snuggling under a blanket in the dead of winter.

It’s a perfect investment if you want to feel comfortable in your kitchen late at night or in the early morning. Your coffee routine could be more luxurious with heated floors. You may even feel enticed to get out of bed if you know a warm floor waits for you. 

Radiant floors are a luxury but are great to have if you don’t want to upgrade anything else in your kitchen and still want to show the room a little love.

5. Open Shelving

Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate open shelving in their kitchen. It adds an aesthetic flair while providing easy access to some of your favorite ingredients or baking staples.

Open shelves can help your kitchen look more lived-in and inviting to guests who pass through. This is the heart of the home, and you want people to enjoy themselves and feel welcome. Display shelves are a way for people to see into your home life. You may choose to decorate them with cookbooks or plants, or you might be more practical and go with spices and plates. How you choose to decorate is up to you.

6. Under-Cabinet Lighting

How many times have you stumbled into the kitchen and searched for something without the light on? You may not want to turn the overhead light on if you’re trying to locate a glass in the middle of the night or start your morning routine using only the light of the sun. Sometimes, all you need is soft lighting that can guide you to where you need to go.

That’s where under-cabinet lighting comes in. You can install it yourself easily, and many colors are available — some even have the option to change colors with a remote. Others are motion-activated, so you don’t have to worry about turning the lights off after leaving the kitchen. You can install these lights under your cabinets and above the countertops, or if you’re worried about stubbing your toes, you can install them under your floor cabinets, too.

7. Better Trash Cans

It might be time to upgrade your trash can. Automated trash cans, though expensive, can sometimes sense how much garbage they contain and alert you of when to take them outside. This way, you don’t have to deal with unpleasant smells or remember to take out the trash on your own.

You don’t necessarily need a smarter trash can, either. You can always opt to relocate it. A pull-out drawer is the best way to hide your garbage and its odors before taking it out. It’s also a great way to keep it out of your pets’ reach so they can’t make a mess. Moving your can to a hidden space in the kitchen frees up more space and gives your kitchen an overall cleaner look.

Tailor Your Kitchen to Your Liking

Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated or render the room unusable for days at a time. It can be as easy as installing something new or breathing fresh life into something old. Your kitchen is bound to be a happier place when you take the time to freshen things up.

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