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6 Appealing Prizes for Your Bar’s Next Trivia Night

Most people look forward to their favorite bar’s trivia night. It’s your customers’ chance to show off their knowledge of history, sports, entertainment and more. The pride in winning pub trivia is hard to beat, especially if you offer an amazing prize or two. 

What can you award the winners of your next trivia night? Here are six prizes your patrons will love.


Think back to childhood when you participated in school sports or spelling bees. What was your motivation for winning the championship? The big shiny trophy sitting nearby looked tempting and caught your eye. Something about this award brings pride and inspiration to any event.

You could award a trophy to the first-place team at your trivia night. Expand the prizes to second and third place if you usually have many teams playing. More opportunities to win a trophy will be enticing, so the same team doesn’t win every time. The winners will likely take photos and post them to social media, so get creative with the design.

Themed Prizes

An excellent way to get creative with your trophy is to give it a theme. Do you have themed trivia nights at your bar? Some games center around a show like “The Office” or a movie series like “Harry Potter.” The prize for winning Harry Potter night could be a licensed Gryffindor scarf or a replica of the sorting hat. Advertising the award beforehand will generate excitement because the players will likely be diehard fans. 

If your bar is a notorious hangout spot for sports enthusiasts, make the prize related to their favorite teams. Gauge your most frequent trivia contestants to see their preferred teams. Even casual fans will get in the action on a sports trivia night. If you ask a Bengals fan if they want an autographed Joe Burrow jersey, you can easily imagine their response. 

Free Food

Americans will do nearly anything for free food. Ask your friends and neighbors what they would do for a Klondike bar. Playing trivia is only the tip of the iceberg. Free food is an excellent prize for trivia night, especially if your bar is in a college town. Students will surely do anything they can for a plate of wings or fries. 

Food from the bar is easy because it’s available immediately for the winner. It also presents an opportunity to create a theme for your trivia nights. Depending on your demographic, you could recreate dishes from famous shows and movies. For example, the winner of sitcom night may like a Ted Danson sandwich from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Free Beer

If your patrons go crazy for free food, how do you think they’ll like free beer? You could offer a free pint for each winner or award credit on their tab.

Using beer as a prize also allows you to do some promotion. Suppose you have a new beer and want your customers to try it. Use bar trivia night to give customers an exclusive free taste of your new brews. You can also partner with local breweries and use their beer as a prize. If you were a customer, wouldn’t you want first dibs on the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout or Beer Geek Brunch Weasel? 

Rewards Programs

Free stuff is often a nice reward because people are trying to save money. Nowadays, more people are using rewards apps for restaurants, clothing stores, e-commerce sites and gas stations. People can earn points and save money for items they’d buy anyway. Customers will appreciate a prize of free enrollment in a rewards program.

For example, you could award the winner with a rewards account with KOA, a campground company with sites across the United States. The rewards program offers 10% off daily registration and points for members each time they stay. There are also weekends where reward members get a free night of camping.

This prize is especially appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. Your bar should work with the winner to set up the account. For example, the trivia hosts could collect the winner’s name and information and purchase the rewards card for them. They could also let the trivia champs start the account independently and use the prize money as reimbursement.   

Concert Tickets

Music is an integral part of many people’s lives. It sets the mood for no matter what you’re doing in life. You could be at the gym, driving on the highway or hanging out at the bar. Is there any location where music doesn’t add to the ambiance? That’s what makes concert tickets such a valuable prize. 

Live music is a fantastic experience, and trivia night is an opportunity to let them see their favorite artists coming into town. Getting tickets for a Taylor Swift show may be challenging, considering how quickly they sold out in November. However, your bar could work with a promoter to get free tickets for a concert in the area. 

Prizes for Your Bar’s Trivia Night

Bar trivia allows customers to show off their knowledge of various categories. Who knows? You may be the practice facility for a future “Jeopardy!” champion. Use this list of six appealing prizes to find the ideal awards for your winners. They’ll keep coming back every week for more.

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