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Tricks for Grilling Outside During Cold Weather

Most people think of poolside cookouts when they think of grilling, but chilly weather doesn’t have to stop you. Try these tricks for cold weather grilling.

Most people associate grilling with summer barbeques, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want steak in December. If you’re someone who dislikes having to put away your grill each time the weather gets chilly, consider these tricks for grilling outside during cold weather.

Protect Your Grill

The most important step in preparing for grilling in the cold is protecting your grill from the wind, rain, and snow that tends to be more common during the winter months. Always keep your grill stored in a fitted waterproof cover to protect its metal parts. As soon as you can, remove any buildup of snow or debris you may find sitting on top of your grill.

Utilize Winterizing Techniques

To make sure your grill stays in the best condition, check it over for cracks, tears, and other signs of wear before winter weather sets in. You’ll want to fix these problems while the weather is still somewhat pleasant.

To protect the grates, be sure to season your grill with canola or vegetable oil. Additionally, clean the grates on a regular basis to protect them from dirt and rust.

Don’t Force a Frozen Grill Open

If your grill freezes shut, never force it open. Ice and cold temperatures can make the metal more brittle than usual, and you might accidentally break your grill. To unstick the top, use a hair dryer or pour hot—not boiling—water over the ice until it melts.

Grill Smarter, Not Harder

Unless you want to spend a long time standing in the cold, don’t choose foods that take a long time to grill. If your grill isn’t well-insulated, these foods might take even longer to cook during cold weather, and you’ll be wishing you were inside.

Improve Insulation

If you notice your grill is underperforming during cold weather, you might consider investing in a grill jacket. Depending on the model you own, you may be able to find a custom jacket designed for your exact grill. Otherwise, try looking for a universal jacket to improve the insulation and speed up cooking times.

We hope these tricks for grilling outside during cold weather help you fire up the grill all year round. And who knows? Grilling your favorite holiday dishes might lead to a new family tradition.

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