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Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Beat Inflation

Inflation has become a pressing issue over the last year. Many people can’t afford the same lifestyle because the cost of living is too high, but that shouldn’t affect how you stay healthy. Read these ideas and you’ll discover ways to lower your grocery bill that work with any routine.

1. Start Meal Prepping

You’ll need to reschedule your free time to start meal prepping, but it’s worth it for your budget. You can make more specific grocery lists if you know exactly what you’ll eat for each snack and meal. Say goodbye to impulse purchases and multiple grocery store runs each week. You can stock up in one visit with a more organized list and have everything you need.

2. Visit the Farmers Market

Stopping by the farmers market is an excellent way to beat inflation at the grocery store. Farmers price their goods lower because they don’t pay for shipping and corporate farming fees. It’s an extra trip that takes a bit more time, but keep your motivation in mind while adjusting to your routine.

Eating healthier saves money in more ways than one. You’ll get more weekly cash for other expenses and you’ll prolong basic doctor’s visits by fortifying your immune system.

Nutritious meals support your health, which is a crucial way to save money when the cost of living rises. You won’t have to sacrifice your health insurance to make room for other expenses, keeping you from being among the many millennials skipping health insurance due to costly premiums.

3. Get Canned Vegetables

Fresh veggies are delicious, but they’re also expensive. If your farmers market has prices that are still out of reach, search your grocery store’s canned aisle for vegetables. They often cost a dollar or less, depending on the can’s size. You’ll get freshly preserved veggies that are equally good for your health without excess markups.

4. Join Grocery Store Membership Programs

Most grocery stores have free membership programs. Sign up for programs at each of your local stores. You’ll earn points for every visit and receive coupons or exclusive deals in return. It could also result in weekly emails so you know which sales are happening and when they begin.

5. Find New Protein Sources

Ground beef, chicken breasts and ground turkey are often the most costly part of a grocery store run. Swap those proteins for more affordable solutions by trying new meals. You could eat beans and rice instead of beef and rice. Add canned tuna or chicken to your salads instead of shredded chicken. A simple switch could save a significant portion of your grocery budget without removing protein from your diet.

6. Find Your Local Food Bank

Many people don’t think about picking groceries up from a food bank. You might have never visited one before, but it’s always an option if you can’t afford the groceries you need. Research food banks close to your hometown and find out when they open to stop by for extra food before your next paycheck.

7. Keep a Household Inventory

Maintaining a household inventory can also beat inflation at the grocery store. It’s crushing when you discover that you’ve bought food you already had at home. That’s money that could have covered other necessities. An inventory of pantry and refrigerator items reveals exactly what you need to make your weekly meals and what you should restock at the store.

8. Try a Different Grocery Store

If you live closer to a town or city, you likely have a few grocery stores within driving distance of your home. Visit one you don’t normally shop at to see what sales and selections it has. This is one of the easiest ways to lower your grocery bill because you can find new deals. Shopping for specific foods at different stores might mean more driving, but it’s worth it if you’ll save more money in your grocery budget each month.

9. Skip the Meal Deliveries

Consider how often you get food delivered to your home. You might even partner with a meal subscription service. Although the convenience is nice, it isn’t great for people looking to save money. Try making your meals and snacks at home to skip extra fees like delivery costs, taxes and upcharges on essential ingredients.

10. Save Budget-Friendly Recipes

Numerous blogs and Pinterest accounts post recipes that only use ingredients from discount stores. Finding new sources of inspiration might transform your weekly grocery list. You’ll plan food using the most economical products that support your health without breaking your budget. Spend a few minutes of your next free afternoon searching various social media platforms for bloggers who can help.

Beat Inflation at the Grocery Store

There are many ways to lower your grocery bill if you want to save money. Consider these ideas to get started. Whether you change what you buy or where you shop, you’ll stay healthy while inflation remains high.

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