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Top 10 Occasions for Beer Consumption

Imagine putting your feet up and cracking open a bottle of cold beer. You might not need an excuse to do it, but there are plenty of holidays to celebrate special moments. What are the top 10 occasions for beer consumption? These opportunities stand out as the best times to relax with a cold one.

10. Wedding

Weddings are a special day for brides, grooms and their families as they celebrate a new chapter in their lives. How can you commemorate the occasion? Beer is a terrific option for winding down and relaxing at the reception. The best beer for weddings depends on crowd preferences, but it’s hard to go wrong with something light and easy to drink. 

9. Father’s Day

The third Sunday in June means it’s time to celebrate fathers worldwide. What better way to honor your dad than sharing a cold one? Crack open a cold one with your old man and reminisce about the old days. The fathers you celebrate will appreciate a good day of beer, so pour them a glass and fill their day with fun activities. Fishing, golfing or a family picnic are excellent choices for this special day. 

8. St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a March tradition as the winter winds down and spring is on the horizon. The cool weather allows for parades worldwide as you commemorate Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. What beers are best for St. Paddy’s Day?

Consider an Irish flare for your festivities. Pour a pint of Guinness and serve a tray of oysters, as these morsels are popular when you’re on Ireland’s Emerald Isle. Oysters are also aphrodisiacs and taste terrific with pickled vegetables.  

7. Cinco de Mayo

Not long after St. Patrick’s Day is Cinco de Mayo. This May 5 holiday commemorates the Mexican military’s defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla. Over the years, the holiday became a big celebration of Mexican culture. People have eagerly participated with beer, along with other Cinco de Mayo staples like tacos, mole, elote, nachos and more.

Margaritas are popular on Cinco de Mayo, but beer is also an excellent option. Modelo Especial, Corona and Pacifico are only a few tasty cold ones for this special occasion.

6. Labor Day

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, as families take one last trip to the beach before cool weather arrives. This weekend is also the first of college football, making it a suitable time for beer consumption. The unofficial start of fall means it’s time to try some autumn-tasting beers. Find some pumpkin-spiced ales to get in the fall spirit early, or finish the summer with light lagers. 

5. The Big Game

February ends the football season with the big game, making it an awesome time to celebrate with friends. Gather your football fans for a big party filled with trays of nachos, wings, sliders and plenty of beer.

The NFL championship game is one of the world’s most-viewed TV events of the year, so go all out and give your guests beer flights. This selection gives three to five beers on a wooden plank, so make each one unique with a different beverage. Mix your favorite beers with favorites from the cities of participating teams. 

4. Birthdays

What holiday means more to you than your birthday? Another year in the books means it’s time to celebrate with cold ones. Head to your favorite bar with friends and try new flavors for a birthday treat. Alternatively, you could treat yourself to a fun birthday with a beer-themed road trip. Head to breweries in Boston, Denver, Pittsburgh or another city you’ve always wanted to see.

3. Independence Day

Food and freedom highlight Independence Day, which Americans celebrate on July 4. However, countries have independence days across the calendar, so there are numerous opportunities to celebrate. Each occasion is terrific for beer as you celebrate with friends and family. 

America’s Independence Day falls at the beginning of summer, making it a terrific time to grill and have a few beers. Sam Adams Boston Lager is an apt choice, and you can’t go wrong with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yuengling and other patriotic beers. 

2. Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is a holiday all about food, whether turkey, mashed potatoes or green bean casserole is your favorite dish at the table. How can you think healthy and still have a tasty dinner? Prioritize plant-based dishes for a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving holiday. 

For example, try a lentil roast with balsamic gravy to help your cholesterol levels and ensure your protein intake. Pair your dishes with beer because most brands are vegan. Pick a holiday-centric flavor like cranberry or pumpkin as you fill up on tasty desserts all day.   

1. Memorial Day 

Memorial Day weekend brings three days to remember those who have served in the armed forces. Typically, families celebrate with barbecues, as friends and neighbors gather around to see who can cook the best ribs. This weekend is also memorable because of iconic events like the Indianapolis 500, one of the world’s most famous motorsports events.

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with beers that mark the start of summer. Like Independence Day, it’s hard to go wrong with patriotic themes. For this holiday, pick crisp beers with fruity flavors to complement the superb selection of barbecued goodness.

Best holidays for beer consumption

Holidays mean time with family and friends as you celebrate with food, sporting events and other fun activities. What better way to celebrate than with a terrific-tasting beer? The calendar presents numerous holidays across the calendar, so fill each day with your favorite beers and create lasting memories. 

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