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Tips to Help You Find the Best Canadian E-Juice

Vaping has become a popular option for nicotine lovers who want to enjoy the thrill of smokeless tobacco. However, your vaping experience also depends on the type of e-juice you use. The Canadian vaping market has many options, making it exciting and challenging to discover the best e-juices.

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned vaper, searching through the many brands can be taxing. Here is where we come in with essential tips to consider when looking for the best Canadian e-juice.

Contents of Popular E-Juice Brands

Vape juices, aka e-liquids, contain nicotine, vegetable glycerin, flavors, and propylene glycol. However, we must mention that some e-liquids may have CBD oil or THC extracts instead of nicotine. Also worth noting is that the nicotine concentration levels may vary depending on the e-juice brand.

As mentioned, nicotine concentration levels between different e-juice brands. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratios will not be 50:50 in all brands. The article will explore the VG: PG ratios later.

Flavor Profiles

Flavor is more of a personal preference. Vape juices come in various flavors, but the most popular ones are strawberry, watermelon, and citrus blends. This is more than you will find in traditional tobacco cigars and cigarettes.

In addition, if you still fancy the original tobacco flavor, it’s available on the Canadian e-juice market. We recommend sampling different flavors to find the one you like the most. You can get a starter pen with multiple pre-filled cartridges to explore and understand your taste buds.

Let’s Look at the Nicotine Strength

The nicotine concentration levels determine the e-juice’s strength. Different vapers have different preferences when it comes to nicotine levels. Any vape juice with over 18mg/ml is considered strong.

Such e-juices are suitable for heavy smokers who want to satisfy their nicotine cravings with a few puffs. However, if you are trying to regulate your addiction, it is wise to go for e-juices with lower nicotine levels. Always check the nicotine strength indicated on the e-juice bottle to ensure that it aligns with your preferences.

Buy From Reputable Brands

Don’t just purchase e-juices from any vape shop without doing your research. Some vape products contain inorganic compounds that may be health risks. Looking for reputable vape juice brands in Canada is essential to guarantee both quality and safety.

Read reviews from other buyers to learn more about product quality. You can also ask for recommendations from other vapers on vaping forums. Renowned manufacturers put hours of testing behind their e-juices to ensure that they are safe for human consumption.

VG:PG Ratios

If you are a newbie vaper, don’t worry too much about this when buying vape juice online in Canada. Most e-juices typically have a 50:50 PG-VG ratio. Vegetable glycerin makes the vapor thicker and the throat hit smoother. Propylene glycol is responsible for carrying the flavors.

Most seasoned vapers prefer high-VG or 100-VG vape juices. The reason behind this is to get thicker clouds with vapor that is soft on their throats. However, when using vape juices with high VG content, ensure that you have a sub-ohm or mod.

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