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Tips for Taking Care of Your Glass Cookware

Glass cookware is great for oven-based cooking, but some people find it difficult to take care of. Learn some maintenance tips for your glass cookware now.

Many people enjoy cooking with glass cookware. It’s chemical free, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. Unfortunately, it’s not always the simplest to take care of. You can scratch and break your glass cookware if you’re not careful. Keep reading to get some tips for taking care of your glass cookware so that you can maintain it well.

Use Non-Stick Utensils

Most glass cookware is thick and won’t easily show scratches. Glass lasts a long time, though, which means scratches can build up over time. Many things can scratch your cookware, but utensils are the most common. Use non-stick utensils whenever possible to avoid scratching your cookware, and never cut something while it’s in glass cookware. Remove whatever you need to cut, cut it on a cutting board, and then return it to your cookware.

Avoid Big Temperature Changes

Even though most glassware is too thick to easily shatter, extreme temperature changes can still potentially break them. Removing a hot glass dish from an oven and immediately putting it in a freezer or on a cold surface can cause cracks. So can moving a glass dish from the freezer and putting it into the oven or on a hot surface. Allow your cookware to heat or cool to room temperature before changing it to an extremely hot or cold environment. Place protective mats or some other kind of insulation on kitchen surfaces to protect your dishes and the surfaces as well.

Preheat Your Oven

You can use glass cookware in any kind of oven. It’s even among the cookware you can use in a combination oven with steam or conventional cooking. However, it’s best to let your oven preheat before putting your dish inside. This ensures that the whole pan heats evenly, which is better for it and your food. If you notice that one side of your oven is hotter than the other, rotate your cookware during the cooking process so that it can maintain a safe, even temperature.

Using non-stick utensils, avoiding drastic temperature changes, and preheating your oven are three of our best tips for taking care of your glass cookware. If you’re worried that glass cookware is too high maintenance for you, buy a small glass dish and experiment with it. Some people discover they love cooking with glass, even if it’s harder to take care of.

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