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Should You Wrap Your Restaurant Fleet? 8 Considerations

In a world full of hungry people, there are just as many restaurants out there to feed them. Competition between the world’s eateries is fierce, so advertising is crucial for securing seats at your booths, tables and bar stools.

Wrapping your fleet takes marketing on the road. This method prints logos, designs and your contact information onto vinyl. Your delivery cars and catering vans could transform into flashy and professional mobile billboards, guiding customers right into your parking lot. However, there are a few key considerations to take into account as you decide your next advertising steps.

What Are the Pros of Wrapping Your Fleet?

Your eatery directly calls out to hungry customers on the road through eye-catching visuals and thoughtful messaging. Cost-wise, fleet wrapping also has a great return on investment (ROI) for businesses across the board.

1. You Build a Recognizable Brand 

If you wrap your fleet in striking logos and messaging, more people in the area will see your name. Your logo reflects the values of your food, culture and atmosphere, such as rustic family comfort or fresh fusion. If your wrapped fleets promote these feelings, people are more enticed to try your food.

Think of all the road-trippers skirting down the highway, looking for a taste of unique flavor or locals who might have never ventured into your side of town. Now, they know your name, your type of food and the promised atmosphere. Building your brand and presence in your area is crucial for attracting customers.

2. You Draw in Customers with a Call-to-Action

Furthermore, the message on your vinyl wrap can be a direct call to action. Again, travelers are usually hungry or looking to pull off the highway for a bite. A call to action like “Bite into the best burgers in town,” generates curiosity and drive to try your burgers. You can even include deals or discount codes for people who call in after seeing your mobile advertisements.

3. You Maintain a Healthy ROI

Money is usually the most critical consideration of any business. Fleet wrapping is actually fairly cost-effective. The average cost for a full car wrap is $2,000 and a van may cost $4,000 with professional designing, printing and installation.

However, in the long term, fleet wrapping lasts longer than paint advertisements and preserves the vehicles’ exteriors for extended periods as well. If you have an updated logo or design, a professional can simply remove the vinyl wrap without ripping or chipping any paint off the vehicle. However, a change in a painted advertisement would require a more comprehensive process.

4. You Invite an Air of Professionalism

Vinyl wrapping turns a bland white catering van into a sleek, colorful, branded vehicle for events and delivery runs. Any clients or customers will immediately know your restaurant is professional and prepared for their needs. Whether delivering pizzas or setting up a food truck, a vinyl wrap ensures an experienced and trusted look to your fleet.

What Are the Cons of Wrapping Your Fleet?

Your fleet could greatly benefit from a vinyl wrap, but you should keep these other considerations in your back pocket before requesting any quotes or designs. Advertising can be tricky and you want to put your money where it will be most beneficial.

1. You Have Limited Messaging Space

While you can put a call-to-action or message on a vinyl design, there is also minimal space. A website can list menu items or other services you offer, but a passing car or truck can only convey so much in the time another vehicle passes by. The font must also be clear and easy to read or your messaging is lost. Ensure your succinct messaging calls people to action with powerful and urgent language if you do pursue vinyl wrapping.

2. You Might Choose an Inexperienced Installer

It may be tempting to partner with the cheapest wrap installers, but some contractors do not have the proper experience and techniques. Printing technology is a booming industry, but so are DIY-ers who want to make a quick buck. A poor installation job could scratch, chip and discolor the vehicle’s paint. Before settling on a professional, peruse their credentials and customer reviews for any red flags.

3. You Might Struggle with Vehicle Lifespan and Consistency

If you have a variety of vehicles like delivery cars, catering vans, industrial trucks or more, then the vinyl wrapping process will be more challenging. The installer must alter the design to fit each vehicle’s unique contours and sizes.

Additionally, wait for vinyl wrapping if your fleet requires replacement or critical repairs. You might waste money or lose perfectly good designs if the vehicle underneath is dying and unable to drive.

On the other hand, the vinyl wrapping could act as a protective layer on aging vehicles, making them shine like new. This would even surge resale value upwards.

4. You May Face Challenges with Public Perception

If your fleet is dirty or unwashed, people will subconsciously connect this with your food. Be sure your fleet is frequently maintained and washed inside and out to sparkling quality.

Drivers must be trained and updated on the rules of the road and proper driving techniques as well. If your drivers are swerving in and out of lanes or causing consternation on the road, it will again reflect on you and your restaurant.

Is Wrapping Your Restaurant Fleet a Good Choice? 

Vinyl wrapping your restaurant’s fleet is a great way to take advertising on the go and reach more hungry people in your area. Like every vital business decision, there are benefits and reasons for caution to consider before venturing further. 

However, fleet wrapping may be the best choice for your restaurant, your employees and the hundreds of travelers pulling off the highway exit and into the best meal of their lives.

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