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Seven Benefits of a Freestanding Gas Stove

Fireplaces and stoves are one of the most sought-after features for homeowners and potential buyers. Every potential buyer of a house considers the possibility of cold, severe winter sooner than later, and as such, having a stove in the home allows them to be adequately prepared for the cold once winter comes. 

Seven Benefits of a Freestanding Gas Stove

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to stoves. Traditionally, homeowners preferred firewood stoves and charcoal stoves because of the culture and the homely nature associated with the firewood stoves. However, homeowners gradually shift away from firewood and charcoal stoves to gas stoves as houses modernize. Here are seven reasons why you must consider freestanding gas stoves.

1. Gas Stoves Are Eco Friendly

At the top of the list of reasons people go for freestanding gas stoves as opposed to other equivalents is that gas stoves are environmentally friendly. Natural gas such as propane and methane produces minimal toxins when it burns. 

Secondly, gas stoves do not produce smoke when heating like firewood stoves and charcoal stoves. For this reason, users of freestanding gas stoves note that the impact of the stove on the environment is significantly reduced when they go for the option of gas stoves instead of firewood stoves.

2. Gas Stoves Are Multi-Purpose

When you get a gas stove for your house, you get both a cooker and a room heater. You can use gas stoves for cooking inside the house just as well as an ordinary fixed cooker. As such, when you get a gas stove for your home, you can enjoy your bonfire BBQ as you continue to heat your house. Cooking with firewood or coal stoves tailor-made for heating the house is challenging since the smoke that the stove will generate might just as well be unbearable. Therefore, you are better off getting a freestanding gas stove.

3. Gas Stoves Are Highly Convenient

Freestanding gas stoves are very convenient for any user. If you want to avoid buying firewood, chopping it up, and lighting it, you will be better off with a freestanding gas stove. To use a freestanding gas stove, you only need a gas cylinder filled with propane or methane. 

When using the freestanding gas stove, all you need to do is turn on a match and turn on the gas stove which then heats your room. Alternatively, you might just as well plug your gas stove into the house’s existing propane or gas supply. This help eliminates worrying about the fact that the stove may deplete your wood. 

4. Gas Stoves Are Safe

Gas stoves are fitted with a glass panel which keeps away children who want to play around with the flame. Unlike a firewood stove that has to be open to allow air, gas stoves are sealed to keep people from touching the flame. With a freestanding gas stove, you are not pressured to keep watching your child and ensuring that they keep away from the flame. Just light it up, and let the stove do its work. Additionally, aside from rare occasions where there is a gas leak, gas stoves have a reduced chance of causing fires. 

5. Gas Stoves Are Low Maintenance

Having a gas stove in your house cuts down on numerous costs. As noted above, you can incorporate the existing propane or natural gas supply to your gas stove or get an external gas cylinder to service the gas stove. With just a few items, you are good to go. Additionally, gas stoves are highly efficient as they do not require constant cleaning and servicing. For a traditional firewood or charcoal stove, you must clean out the ash before you can use it every time. The reason is that the ash fills up the space that the firewood could occupy. However, with a gas stove, you don’t have to clean out the stove every time you want to use it.

Seven Benefits of a Freestanding Gas Stove | Cook & Hook

6. Gas Stoves Have Versatile Design

Gas stoves come in numerous designs. Whether you want a niche and modern design or a design that mimics a traditional firewood stove, there is something for everyone. This differs from conventional stoves, which come in a limited number of designs. With a gas stove, you can enjoy the freedom of portability in case you want to move to a new house. Simply put, once you buy a gas stove, the likelihood of you needing another one in case you move to a different home is very low.

7. Gas Stoves Allow for Freedom of Temperature Control

Gas stoves have regulators and knobs that allow you to regulate the ferocity or size of the flame. If you want a lot of heat when in the heart of winter, you can simply turn the gas stove to full heat. However, if you just want some heat for a chilly night, you can always turn down the nob as well as the size of the flame. This is different from traditional firewood stoves, which are difficult to regulate.

Parting Shot

If you are considering purchasing a new stove for your house, consider getting a freestanding gas stove that will facilitate all your needs. With a freestanding gas stove, you enjoy the benefit of heat inside your home, the freedom to decide the temperature inside your house, and the peace of mind that comes with safe appliances. If you want the best of the fold, go for a freestanding gas stove.

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