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Planning a Menu for a Spring Pool Party

Spring has already arrived in 2022, which means warm weather and outdoor gatherings are just around the corner. If you’re planning to host a pool party this spring, you can’t rely on the pool alone to impress your guests. You need the right food options to create a memorable experience. 

Here are some tips for planning a spring party menu! 

Find Your Theme

Every great party has a theme or underlying reason to celebrate. In this instance, we’re celebrating the end of winter and the arrival of warmer days. With that in mind, your spring party menu should have foods and beverages with warm-weather flavors.

Fruits embody the growing season and the sweetness of spring, while savory foods remind us of summer activities, like barbecues and sporting events. Pay attention to these themes as we go through the items you should have on your spring party menu.


An array of creative drinks is the perfect addition for any get-together. For a spring pool party menu, you want to find drinks that pack a punch but have refreshing flavors. Your guests should be able to sip on them throughout the afternoon while staying hydrated. Give these drinks a try!

Pool Party Punch

This fishbowl cocktail recipe combines vodka, blue curacao and several fruit flavors to create a classic poolside beverage. Preparation for this drink is easy. Add ice to a punch bowl and drop in lemon wheels and orange wedges. Pour one part vodka and two parts lemonade, then add a splash of blue curacao to give the drink its blueish-green color. Mix well and serve! 

Boozy Berry Patch Lemonade

This concoction combines two delicious summer fruits – strawberries and blackberries – to create a delightful poolside drink. You’ll need a lot of berries to accommodate all of your guests, so lean on the safe side and get one pound each. You can take the long route and macerate the berries or blend them together for a quicker result (though the final product won’t have the same texture).

Mix the crushed berries with whiskey, raspberry liqueur, pomegranate juice and a dash of lemonade. Add ice and a lemon wedge to each glass for a flavor-packed refreshment!

Finger Foods

Another important aspect of your spring party menu should be finger foods – stuff your guests can nibble on while they socialize and enjoy the pool. This part of your menu should build up their appetites for the main entrees later on. We’ve included a mix of frozen snacks and salty starters to find that balance.

Watermelon Pops

Watermelon makes another appearance on your spring party menu with this simple snack. Just cut a watermelon into cubes, freeze them and top with sugar and mint leaves. Serve with toothpicks so your guests can grab and go!

Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites

For this easy snack, just freeze blueberries inside a bag of your favorite yogurt and break the frozen yogurt into chunks. This recipe allows you to add your own flavor combinations, as blueberries pair well with just about any other fruit.

Frozen Wine Grapes

You can keep your wine chilled and make a delicious snack with frozen wine grapes. Just pour your wine into a large container, add the grapes and throw it in the freezer. The grapes will have frozen solid and developed wine crystals on the surface in a few hours. Use these drinks as alternative ice cubes or munch on a handful, whatever you prefer!

Garlic Bread “Fries”

Everyone loves garlic bread, but it tends to fill you up. That’s why you should cut it into French Fry form – thin, crispy strips – and serve it with a fresh marinara sauce for dipping. This appetizer might go quickly, so make sure you bake extra!

Soft Pretzel Sticks

This crowd-pleasing snack often seen at sporting events also makes for a great addition to your spring party menu. You can choose from numerous pretzel recipes and serve them with mustard or ranch dressing.

Potato Chips with Nori Salt

Every great party has chips, but nori salt can take your chips to the next level. Nori salt comes from a seaweed with a distinct flavor that restaurants often use to wrap sushi. Mix it with your kosher salt, sprinkle it onto your chips and give it a try!


You need an entree that will satisfy your guests’ hunger without making them drowsy. That means you should look for non-processed foods with natural flavors and ingredients that will energize them to continue the party. The dish we selected has everything you’re looking for.

Tropical Island Chicken

As the name suggests, this chicken recipe is ideal for an oceanside dinner. It has a simple marinade featuring ground ginger, minced onions and other ingredients that traders sought after in the Caribbean sea during colonial times. The recipe takes less than an hour to prepare, so you won’t keep the guests waiting too long. 

Serve your tropical island chicken with a side of white rice and vegetables for a balanced, delicious meal that even the pickiest eaters can enjoy!

Make Planning a Spring Party Menu Simple

Your spring pool party’s menu doesn’t have to be an elaborate selection of fancy cuisine. Your guests simply want delicious food and refreshing beverages that align with the reason for the celebration. The options we provided check all the boxes. They taste great, are easy to prepare and remind us of the better days ahead. Add them to your menu and create a spring pool party to remember!

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