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14 Best New Year’s Drinks for Luck and Happiness

Welcoming the New Year can be such a hopeful moment for many people. As you wish for everlasting luck and happiness to come forth, it’s best to have the right drink in your hand. Whether you’re seeking something alcoholic or a little bubbly, this outline will provide you with a ton of options. 

1. Water

Many people claim that alcohol is the most adult drink. In reality, water might just be the happiest and healthiest drink option.  If you want to change your water for this special night, try carbonating your water with monk fruit or stevia. Natural sweeteners and bubbles can add a bit of whimsy to your drink while staying hydrated until midnight.

2. Orange Mimosas

Oranges are well-known symbols of luck and wealth in China, so it’s ideal to incorporate them into your drink of choice. A simple glass of orange juice should do the trick, but you may want to try adding a bit of sparkling wine. The classic orange mimosa is quite a refreshing cocktail to share with friends and family at your party.

3. Mirin

Mirin is a ceremonial alcoholic drink that Japanese households reserve for New Year celebrations. This lovely rice wine is a crucial part of the Otoso tradition, which wishes for good health and safety in the upcoming year. Some people may mix mirin with a specific otoso spice, but it is possible to enjoy this drink on its own.

4. Giggle Juice

If your main goal before New Year’s is to laugh the night away, the Giggle juice is the perfect choice. It’s an alcoholic drink that mixes up pink lemonade with some vodka and Sprite. If you want to add a bit of extra happiness to the glass, strawberries can help amplify this extraordinary cocktail’s look, color and taste.

5. Champagne

If you want a more uncomplicated New Year’s drink that’s beloved by all, champagne is the way to go. This sparkling white wine is aged for almost 15 months before it forms its delectable flavor. Drinking champagne helps project a high level of luxury, reserved for the start of the year for most households.

6. Boba Tea

Boba milk tea is the best answer if you’re craving a sweeter treat as the new year starts. You can choose your favorite flavor and chew on the tapioca as you savor this delicious drink. When you’re feeling a little more health-conscious, some fruit-infused boba tea may be ideal.

7. Apple Martini

Many cultures revere the apple as a symbol of love and luck. It’s certainly evident in Greek mythology, where golden apples are meant to represent immortality. An apple martini is surely a drink that the gods would relish.

8. Cranberry Fizz

Cranberries are a delectable fruit harvested as the year ends. Thus, they’re just about ready to incorporate into a fizzy alcoholic beverage. Plus, they are interconnected with improving your mental and spiritual well-being.

9. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Everyone gets happy when they drink chocolate, so why not try having frozen hot chocolate to greet the new year? This slush-like drink is easy to make, as all you need is your chocolate of choice, hot cocoa mix, and ice.

10. New Year’s Eve Nog

Egg nogs are the drink for Christmas Eve but also perfect for New Year’s Eve. After all, eggs are a symbol of blessing in Feng Shui. Make a fresh batch before kicking off your party, or repurpose the last few mugs in your fridge. Just add a dash of brandy or bourbon.

11. Luck of the Irish

Green is a lucky color in many parts of the world, often associated with luck and money. The Luck of the Irish is a drink that’s commonly remembered for St. Patrick’s Day, but you can easily gather the ingredients and whip it up before the year ends

12. Melona Soju

Ice cream is a mood booster for many people, so try incorporating it into your drink. If you want to deviate from the usual affogato, including coffee and gelato, go for the Melona Soju combo instead. Simply drop the popsicle into your glass of alcohol and enjoy.

13. Ginger Sangria

Ginger plants are known for being medicinal, but it’s recommended to have and care for one in your space at the start of the year for luck. To go the extra mile, ginger sangria wine with peaches can be a great drink option. A red sangria wine is ideal since that color represents fire and prosperity in China.

14. Grape Bourbon

There’s an old Spanish tradition of eating twelve different grapes as the New Year’s enters, eaten during the 12 chimes of the clock. This entails excellent luck throughout the 12 months of the new year. If you want to drink these fruits instead, incorporate them into a grape bourbon smash with club soda and simply syrup for a little kick.

Greet The New Year With a Drink

The New Year is an avenue for a lot of self-improvement and growth, but some things just come down to luck. Try out a drink or two from the list and manifest a happy and healthy set of months to come in your life.

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