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How to cook bacon on the Grill

Everyone loves the taste of bacon that is yummy, crunchy, salty, and smokey. Americans eat around 18 pounds of bacon annually on average. Ridiculous! Bacon is the best option to use for a single meal as well as for toppings on burgers, salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. 

Normally, people use burners to prepare bacon at home but it will have excessive oil. So, what is the other alternative to cooking bacon? One of the greatest ways to cook bacon is on a cast iron grill over direct heat. Bacon can be grilled on a BBQ grill on the patio or anywhere else.

How to cook bacon on the grill? This guide’s goal is to let you know how to cook your bacon professionally. Let’s discuss it in detail!

Can I grill bacon on my Grill? 

It is a common question to ask, is grilling bacon safe and secure? After all, it is not always a good idea to combine the oil with fire. 

Well, grilling bacon on the grill is a healthy and safe option. But it is essential to use precautions as the oil should not spill directly on the burner. 

This requires the use of flame protectors on your grill or a two-heat area grilling configuration. Also, you can cook your bacon in a pan or on aluminum foil with elevated sides. And for budget-conscious people, there are the best gas grills under 150 available in the market for grilling. 

How to Grill Bacon on the Grill? 

Before you start the grilling process, it is necessary to select the bacon slice that you want. To ensure that you are familiar with the products that you will use while grilling, you must read this.

Do you grill your bacon in a cast iron pan or on the grill grates? Or are you using some jalapeno pops with them? Which slice you should select will depend on this.

Whether you want to smoke it or not is also essential to take into consideration. The bacon’s flavor will vary based on how long it cooks and what technique you utilize.

Furthermore, you must be aware of what you need to do and how you use it because everyone has different tastes.

Steps to Cook Bacon on the Grill: 

First Step

First of all, you will put your castings on the grill to get started. You should do this before your grill is completely hot for the finest outcomes. By doing this, you can be assured that your cast iron is fully preheated and prepared for use. 

If you do this every time before grilling, you will get quick and accurate grilling results.

Second Step

The grill should be heated until it reaches the temperature of 400°F. To ensure that your bacon cooks properly and becomes crispy, the grill should remain at a temperature of roughly 400°F. You can place the bacon at this temperature if you want to get the crispiest bacon.

Third Step

Once the bacon reaches the correct temp, it is critical to pull it out on the skillet. Once the grill cover is shut, it is preferable to cook the bacon for roughly 7 to 10 minutes. This eliminates waste. Also, it maintains the heat and ideal grilling temperatures for the bacon.

Fourth Step 

To rotate the bacon, you will need to unlock the grill, use forceps, and watch it closely while it cooks. Based on the level of crunchiness you choose, give the bacon another 3 to 5 minutes to fry. The bacon cooks more properly when it is rotated.

Fifth Step 

When you notice your bacon is ready to remove from the oven and it looks crunchy, you should cover it in a tray with some towels. 

When you move the bacon from the skillet, you will have to place it in the covered dish or pot. Your bacon is now prepared to serve. Now it is all up to you how you serve it!  

Is Grilling better than Frying? 

It doesn’t matter how you cook bacon as both methods taste wonderful. But you must be aware that the bacon that is grilled gives a little extra taste. So, is it a smart option to grill bacon? Definitely! 

Smoke from the grill enhances the bacon’s smokey flavor. Additionally, the grill prepares meals faster and more effectively as compared to frying. Also, it will avoid the unappealing outcomes of frying that are half-crispy and half-soft.

When bacon is prepared on the burner, it cooks in its oil. On the other hand, when bacon is grilled on the grill, the fat drops off. That’s why you will not get any additional oil and fat while eating bacon. 

Also, the bacon will be more hygienic and safer when cooked on the grill. So, you can eat as many as you wish to eat. 

Bacon’s oily components can burn you when cooked. When anything like this occurs, it is risky. But if you are grilling bacon properly, flare-ups will not arise.

What type of Bacon is good for Grilling? 

All varieties and cuts of bacon can be grilled as a few factors are essential to take into account. You can determine for yourself which one is the better if you want to try it all. In the end, it all depends on the preference.

  1. The first kind of bacon is the regular variety that is an all-purpose meal. It is sold in tiny pieces and is extremely thin cut. You need to keep a tight check on it because the grilling procedure will go quickly. To use as wrapping, this type of bacon is good. 
  1. Another variety is center-cut bacon, which is sliced very closely to the bones. It is thinner than other varieties. It is approximately 30% leaner than other kinds of bacon. 
  1. The last kind of bacon is thick-cut bacon, which is twice as thick as regular bacon. It can effectively maintain its shape. If you plan to grill your bacon directly on the grates, thick-cut bacon is highly preferable.


Bacon can be used at any time of the day and is a wonderful addition to many other dishes. If you have never cooked it before on the grill then it can be tricky for you. But don’t worry! This guide is on how to cook bacon on the grill

Well, by reading all the steps and instructions, you can easily get to know how to cook bacon using a grill. Using these techniques, you can quickly get the necessary crunchiness.

So, put down the frying pan and turn on the grill today! If you want to know more about grilling then Click Here!


1.      How do you grill on the Weber grill?

You can cook bacon in the Weber grill just like the simple grill. First of all, you will warm up the things and preheat the grill to 400 degrees. Then you will place the skillet on the grates for preheating. Rotate the piece of meat and enjoy!

2.      Can I cook bacon on the cast iron griddle?

Yes, one of the greatest ways to cook bacon is on a cast iron griddle on direct heat. Bacon can be grilled on a BBQ grill on the patio or anywhere you think it. You can choose the place where you think the taste will be better.

3.      What is the ideal temperature to cook bacon?

The ideal temperature for grilling or frying bacon is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have to use medium-low heat when grilling on a stovetop to avoid burning or overcooking food.

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