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Host a Memorable Trivia Night With This Appetizers-Only Dinner

An appetizers-only dinner is a fun, flavorful experience. It lets you satisfy all of your guests without overwhelming you with prep work and cleanup. Truthfully, it’s the perfect way to make your trivia night one to remember. 

1. Kabobs

Kabobs are perfect for an appetizers-only dinner since they’re customizable. Your guests will have something to snack on, whether they prefer fruit, meat, veggies or starches. After all, you can stick almost anything on a skewer.

2. Trail Mix

When it comes to appetizers, trail mix is a beloved classic. This salty-sweet combination requires minimal prep work and cleanup. Of course, you can get some at the store if you’re short on time. Best of all, nuts have high levels of minerals and fats that improve neurological health — perfect for trivia night. 

If you want to give your guests some more freedom with flavor, you can set each ingredient out in separate bowls. If anything, it’s a good strategy when you don’t know whether your guests are for or against raisins in trail mix. 

3. Soft Pretzels

Although most people would gladly snack on a soft pretzel, they’re relatively rare — you only ever see them at concession stands or on bar menus. Consider serving this unique food at your appetizers-only dinner to make your trivia night especially memorable.

You can offer salted or unsalted options if your guests want an extra healthy option. Also, you can serve beer cheese, honey mustard or cream cheese dip to elevate the soft pretzels’ flavor profiles. 

4. Meatballs

Meatballs are about as simple as you can get with snacks. They consist only of meat and spices, meaning prep work and cleanup is minimal. Even though this appetizer is technically a finger food, you can use toothpicks to keep the spread sanitary and everyone’s hands clean. 

During trivia night, grabbing food with ease is just as important as being able to eat it quickly. After all, the last thing you want is congestion at the snack table when time is of the essence. Guests are also more likely to stay longer when everything is convenient. If you make things as easy as possible, they’ll have a good time.

5. Little Smokies

Little smokies are a classic party food because they’re tasty, simple and convenient — you only need to warm miniature sausages, barbecue sauce, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce in a crockpot. You can even add grape jelly or ketchup for an interesting, unplaceable tanginess.

This addition to your appetizers-only dinner gives you the flavor profile of freshly grilled hotdogs without the effort of standing next to a grill all night long. Plus, it’s saucy, tender and can be eaten in one bite — three of the best qualities a snack could have. 

6. Mini Cheesecakes

Who doesn’t love miniature cheesecakes? They come in tons of flavors — like chocolate and caramel, strawberry, pecan or plain — and satisfy your sweet tooth. After filling up on savory options, you can give your guests this indulgent treat to sate their cravings for dessert. 

7. Hummus and Veggies

A hummus and veggie mix is ideal for an appetizers-only dinner since it’s healthy, tasty and meets most dietary restrictions. Most store-bought options are already gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free, but you can easily make your own if you want to make sure. Either way, there are endless flavor combinations to choose from. 

8. Sliders

Although sliders usually consist of a bun and a meat-based filling, they can be whatever you want. Whether you prefer simplistic ham and cheddar or want to make things memorable with a chicken tender and waffle version, you have plenty of options. 

Since you’re only limited by your imagination, you can also craft sliders to meet any of your guests’ dietary restrictions. For example, you could use gluten-free buns or black bean patties. Since this appetizer is so infamous, there are plenty of alternative recipes floating around. 

9. Seven-Layer Bean Dip

When hosting an appetizers-only dinner, a good rule of thumb is to have at least one kind of dipping medium. The classic seven-layer bean dip is a go-to for most hosts because it has such a unique flavor profile. Usually, it consists of refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, green onions and olives. 

Although this appetizer tastes indulgent, it’s still relatively healthy. For instance, the avocados in the guacamole are a source of vitamin B, which improves cognitive function and can increase energy — perfect for a long night of fast-paced trivia. 

10. Fruit Pizza

Everyone’s familiar with regular pizza, but fewer people know about its fruit counterpart. This appetizer consists of a buttery sugar cookie base, tart cream cheese frosting and an assortment of flavorful fresh fruit. It’s a fantastic healthy alternative to overindulgent desserts and tastes unlike anything else. 

11. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are another classic food many people know and love. Admittedly, they might be the spotlight of your appetizers-only dinner. After all, the soft sweetness of the cream cheese and the savory spice of the chili pepper is an unparalleled pairing. Plus, they’re convenient to grab and eat. Best of all, you can tweak this finger food to be dairy-free, vegan or gluten-free if you need to meet anyone’s dietary restrictions. 

12. Charcuterie Board 

Charcuterie boards became a sensation for a reason — they’re convenient, flavorful and fun. They also look stunning, which impresses guests. Truthfully, though, what draws most people in is the freedom of choice. 

Unlike other appetizers, charcuterie boards offer a build-your-own-dinner experience. For example, if one of your guests doesn’t like salami and cheese, they can select turkey and jam. There’s something for everyone, no matter their flavor palate.

Make Your Trivia Night One to Remember 

An appetizers-only dinner is one of the few ways to satisfy every guest. You can have a large menu since the portions are smaller and the prep work is minimal, meaning you can easily accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions and flavor preferences. Serving bite-sized food ensures everyone spends more time answering questions rather than chewing!

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