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Easy Peasy Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Once again, we all are in the lockdown phase. In the previous year, we all were new to the concept of quarantine, lockdown, and staying home for 24 hours that forced us to take up on various hobbies, one of which was cooking. As a result, many of you tried your hands at various dishes, and some of them have turned into Instagram chefs. This year, we all know the rules and regulations of lockdown and have exhausted food recipes as well. Well, we bring you some food recipes that you will love making, even if you are making for the second time. For most of the recipes mentioned, you will find ingredients at your home as well. These are quick ones. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in this hot summer season. 

  1. Pasta Bake From kids to adults, everyone is fond of eating pasta. Pasta can be consumed as an appetizer or a main course meal. Moreover, pasta is one ingredient that you can make in a variety of ways with sauces of your choice, and it tastes good. Pasta bake is a cheesy and quick version of your regular pasta. 
  • Boil pasta and take it out in a pan and let it cool
  • Saute vegetables (corns, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and carrots) with herbs and spices
  • Make white sauce with all-purpose flour/wheat flour with milk (In a pan, add butter and all-purpose flour and mix till it gets sticky, and then add to it milk and stir until you get a creamy sauce. Add salt, pepper and red paprika. 
  • You will need a baking dish, ready to make pizza sauce, and cheese
  • Apply pizza sauce in the baking dish and spread the veggies. On top of the veggies, add a layer of white sauce, further spread pasta. Cover the pasta layer with cheese topped with herbs and olives.
  • Bake until the cheese is melted.

2. Cake pops: When craving something sweet, you should go for this recipe. It’s quick, tasty, and can be made with leftover cake. If you have made an online cake delivery in Delhi and have a cake left, you are good to go. It will save your time, and your kids will love eating this on a regular basis. 

  • Crumble the leftover cake
  • Add to it frosting cream to bind and make balls. If you do not have frosting cream, you can add milk. 
  • Insert lollipop sticks into the prepared balls
  • Melt chocolate and dip the balls into it. Make sure the balls are nicely covered with chocolate. Any chocolate: dark, milk or white can be used
  • Now, after dipping the cake balls into the chocolate, instantly add sprinkles on top. 
  • Refrigerate until the chocolate hardens
  • Wrap and store it in the fridge for 2-3 days

3. Cheesy Maggie Bites: When you add maggie and cheese into the recipe, it has to taste savoury. There cannot be another way round. Maggie can be prepared in 10 minutes, 2 minutes is a myth and then you can turn around by making these cheesy maggie bites. A great evening snack when hunger attacks. 

  • Firstly, make maggies as you always do. Do not make soupy maggie. 
  • Then, take a pan and pour oil in small quantities
  • Take a spoonful of prepared maggie and put it on the heated pan with oil. Similarly, make 3-4 batches of maggie on the heated pan. 
  • On top of the maggie, add grated cheese and herbs. You can put veggies as well if you haven’t added them in your maggie.
  • Keep the flame low and cover the pan with the lid. Let the cheese melt. 
  • Make sure your maggie doesn’t get burned from the bottom. 

4. Smoothies: Make summers refreshing and healthy for your family with smoothies. You can substitute cold beverages with smoothies to serve with snack recipes we have mentioned, and it would make for a filling combo. If you think it’s tough to make, no, it’s not. 

  • Take any seasonal fruit (mango, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry) and chop it into pieces.
  • You can soak sabja seeds overnight for the recipe as well
  • Take a blender, add yogurt, milk (small quantity) with sugar or honey and chopped fruits.
  • Blend well to get a thick consistency.
  • Take a glass, add sabja seeds with chopped fruit slices
  • Pour the smoothie. 

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 

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