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Dragonfruit Bowl with Walnuts and Berries

Have you seen the little packets of dragonfruit puree in your supermarket’s freezer section? I love them, and stock up whenever I can. They seem to be popular in San Francisco, and tend to sell out fast. The packets are great for smoothies (of course), but sometimes, when I can’t be bothered to set up and clean my blender, I’ll make myself a dragonfruit bowl using the thawed packets. It’s a twist on my favorite breakfast chia pudding, and comes together in a flash.

Dragonfruit Bowl with Walnuts and Berries


You make these bowls with just a wide range of fruit purees. Acai works great, although not a pretty as the dragonfruit. I love raspberry, strawberry, and black berry as well. In general, the berry purees are on point.

Dragonfruit Bowl with Walnuts and Berries

Dragonfruit Bowl Toppings

The only limit here is your imagination. I tend to use whatever I have around. Crushed berries, and miscellaneous seeds are often contenders. Something extra crunchy is essential, and you see toasted walnuts here. Think seasonal as well – I like to add torn cherries when they’re in season, or sliced figs later in the year. Also! I love puffed quinoa or other cereal on top.

Dragonfruit Bowl with Walnuts and Berries

Other Recipes to Make with Dragonfruit

Keep an eye out for other products made with dragon fruit. It’s such a fun ingredient to experiment with. I’ve seen dried dragonfruit slices (also named pitaya), and more recently discovered a beautiful dragonfruit powder. I use the same puree called for in this recipe, in this refreshing dragonfruit shrub quencher. And use the dried fruit in this dragonfruit tonic. Have fun experimenting!

Dragonfruit Bowl with Walnuts and Berries


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