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Decorating Your Restaurant for Spring: 7 Tasteful Changes

Spring is here, and it’s time to make some changes. The best decorations always stay in fashion and will only increase the appeal of your restaurant over time. Instead of decorating for every season with gaudy decor that seems wasteful or will come down in a few months, consider making long-lasting, tasteful changes that can improve your establishment’s appeal. 

Here are a few things to do as the weather warms up. Most of these changes can be done relatively quickly, so you can reap their rewards in minimal time.

1. Bring Plants In

Since you’re running a restaurant, you likely don’t want the building overrun with greenery. However, bringing in a few real plants is well worth the effort of caring for them. Fresh flowers boost your employees’ morale and make customers feel happier by looking at them. You don’t have to go overboard to feel their effects — just having enough plants in your restaurant to fill awkward corners may be enough.

2. Utilize Art Skillfully

If a touch of class is what you’re looking for, consider painting a mural on a blank wall. This will immerse your guests in the experience, which can be fantastic if you specialize in a certain location’s cuisine. Imagine a beautiful painting of the Amalfi Coast in an Italian restaurant or a fun street fair scene in a Mexican establishment. Find a local artist to work on the mural for you. They’ll be delighted to leave their mark on a restaurant, and you’ll give back to the community by hiring them for their services.

3. Rely on Natural Light

You need the best light possible in your restaurant. Terrible lighting can make customers irritable or anxious, especially if they can’t see the menu. You want them to feel at ease from the moment they walk through your doors. Spending more time in natural light leads to fewer depressive symptoms, among other negative emotions you want your customers to leave at the door. Incorporate as much natural light as possible, but you should also have a plan for those who dine after the sun goes down.

4. Build on Community

Now that it’s spring, people want to spend more time outside of their homes, enjoying the nice weather and the company it brings. If you want to make your restaurant a hub for socialization, you have to enhance the community it provides. Installing a TV might bring people together for certain games or premieres. You could host trivia nights to encourage them to try your food. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to branch out and get people to embrace being together.

5. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nobody wants to eat in an environment that looks dull or old. Now that spring is here, you should brighten up your paint colors. You don’t necessarily need to try a new shade — just adding a fresh coat can inspire people to spend more time in your restaurant because it’ll look like it’s cared for. 

You should also consider painting your front door, as it’s one of the first things your customers will see. It could enhance your curb appeal, enticing people on the road to stop for a bite. Try to adhere to a color palette so your building looks cohesive. With a darker porch area, a lighter or bright color will stand out. Alternatively, entryways with lots of light will match better with a darker color.

6. Choose a Theme

If your restaurant doesn’t have a theme, there’s no better time than the present to instate one. It could prompt more people to check your restaurant out. You can also condense the menu and narrow in on your theme. For example, if you own a burger joint, stick to mostly finger foods that people can enjoy rather than complicated dishes they need to cut with a knife.

Your theme can guide your future decisions in the restaurant business. Ask yourself if a new menu item aligns with your overall vibe. You might also choose paint colors based on the theme you adopted. The options are limitless, and your restaurant may attract more customers if it has a cool vibe or gimmick.

7. Open up the Patio

Outdoor activities are sure to draw a crowd. A patio space will add an interesting element to your restaurant, whether you offer games outside or seating to enjoy the nice weather. Spring is the perfect time to prepare this area so your customers can use it in the summer when the days are longer and they may have more free time.

Because the sun is up longer, people may want to stay outside later in the evening. Add fun lights to help people see where they’re going and avoid injuries. The right vibe, lighting and music will draw people to your patio.

Prepare Your Restaurant for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it might be time to make some changes to your restaurant. If you want it to stand out, pick a theme that suits the atmosphere you’re going for. You can customize new areas in the building and even consider building outdoor seating. Try to get the community involved, too — it’ll be the best way to spread the news of your business by word-of-mouth, which is greatly influential. These small changes will make a big difference in your restaurant’s atmosphere.

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