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6 Best Breakfast Foods That Pair Well With Coffee

Is there anything better than the sound of the coffee machine percolating at the crack of dawn? Coffee is a staple for most people — the divine nectar for starting the day on the right foot. Whether you sit down for a full breakfast or grab a bite on the way to work, you likely have a hot beverage in hand. 

However, have you ever wondered what breakfast foods go well with coffee? Some foods actually enhance your morning brew better than others. Consider the most complementary breakfast items to drink coffee with the next time you sit down for an early-morning bite.

What Foods Complement Coffee Best by Roast?

When deciding what to fill your plate with, take savory or sugary options, textures and aromas into account. You can’t go wrong pairing moderately sweet pastries — muffins, scones and croissants — with a medium roast, as the coffee’s flavor will enhance the baked goods. Medium blends are also ideal for savory foods like bagels, oats and eggs.

If you prefer a bowl of fruit or citrus items in the morning, light roast coffee shares a bright acidity — for instance, a lemon tart or berries. Fluffy, delicate pastries or buttery tastes are also best served with this blend.

Save a bold, round, dark roast for more decadent, sweeter tastes — like pancakes with syrup and cinnamon rolls. Dark roast coffee has the lowest acidity of all coffees, helping to cut excessive sweetness or richness with a slight bitterness. 

What Breakfast Foods Go Well With Coffee: 6 Pairings

There are endless possibilities to complement fresh coffee with a satisfying morning meal. If you’re wondering what breakfast foods go well with coffee, these six pairings are worth trying. 

  1. Eggs and Omelets

Eggs are the most versatile breakfast food — eat them scrambled, hard-boiled or sunny-side up. Create a breakfast burrito filling with eggs, beans and cheese, or use them in a quiche Lorraine. Many people prefer eating them as omelets with vegetables, cheeses and herbs.

Because of eggs’ savory nature, black coffee’s bitterness delivers a pleasant taste to your palette. Eggs and black coffee are also ideal for losing and maintaining weight — avoiding creamer cuts dairy fat intake.

One large egg is 70 calories — the standard size used in cooking — and is an excellent source of protein. Feel satiated with eggs and a cup of medium-roast coffee. A French press coffee also interacts perfectly with egg-based dishes.

  1. French Toast and Pancakes

For those with a sweet tooth, French toast or pancakes are a tasty treat with coffee. Many opt to drizzle syrup on top or eat it with a pat of butter, fruit or melty chocolate chips. 

It’s one of those breakfasts where sweet meets bitter, especially if you drink black coffee. Likewise, notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and other warm spices enhance coffee’s flavor profile. 

Although bolder coffees go best with these fluffy, rich options, you may complement your breakfast with lighter blends. For instance, you might drink a light roast if you top your pancakes with a fruit-flavored syrup or jam. 

  1. Bagels With Cream Cheese

Pour a cup of medium or dark-roast coffee when eating bagels and cream cheese. One bite of a doughy bagel and you’ll be looking to wash it down with hot coffee. 

Although they come in several flavors — some more powerful than others — bagels have a relatively mild taste. However, cream cheese can be sweet — like honey walnut — or a savory vegetable flavor. This can influence your craving for a medium or dark roast coffee. 

  1. Overnight Oats

Cold brew coffee steeps in cold water for 12-24 hours before it’s ready to drink. Its smooth flavor makes it most complementary with creamy overnight oats. You could even use the cold brew coffee as a liquid base in your oats for an enhanced taste. 

Oats are an excellent source of fiber and good for digestion. However, overnight oats are a better alternative to hot oatmeal when the weather is warmer. 

  1. Avocado Toast

The avocado’s creamy, smooth texture and the toast’s crunchiness go particularly well with lattes, cappuccinos and other cream-based coffees. You’ll notice how the foods feel different with each bite, contrasting richness with lighter fare. 

A squirt of lemon juice and salt is a standard topping for avocado toast. The subtle acidity creates a more well-rounded sip by balancing the coffee’s bitterness. 

  1. Bacon or Sausage Sides

Bacon and sausage make the perfect breakfast sides or toppings. For example, some prefer creating bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches or mixing them into omelets. 

Coffee’s bitter profile cuts through these foods’ saltiness. The meat’s fat also removes the oily coating left behind from each sip of dark roast, leaving your mouth refreshed. 

Start Your Day With Coffee’s Best Breakfast Pairings

Take your breakfast to the next level by pairing everyone’s favorite foods with the right coffee blend. Although you may have a preferred roast, it’s worth trying something new. Keep an open mind for the ultimate experience during your morning meal.

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