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8 Meals to Honor Your Spouse During Military Appreciation Month

Food is one of the best ways to show someone your love and appreciate them deeply. Honor your spouse and their service to your country during Military Appreciation Month with a nice, piping hot meal. People with past or current military duty are celebrated all throughout May, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to arrange a lovely dinner together.

1. A Romantic Home-cooked Meal

A nice candlelight dinner with just the two of you is the epitome of appreciation and romance. Cooking their favorite meal can show them how much you linger on their words and remember their beloved things. Don’t forget to add a decadent dessert to share.

Here are a couple of suggestions on what you can prepare for them:

  • Steak and potatoes: Steak and potatoes are a timeless classic that makes almost anyone happy. It can be relatively simple to prepare and sear as well. Drizzle some garlic, butter and thyme on the pan before getting your steak in. Make sure to get their preferred steak doneness to showcase attention to detail.
  • Marry-me chicken: While you’re both technically married already, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a second time with a nice pot of Marry-Me chicken. Get some boneless chicken breasts and fry them. Heat up some chopped garlic, butter and tomato paste in a separate pan. Add some heavy cream and chicken broth to mix. Combine your meat with your sauce.
  • Pasta: Does your partner prefer carbonara or spaghetti? Or maybe you can go with an old-fashioned macaroni and cheese? Either way, a warm plate of pasta can be comforting for you and your spouse to share.

2. A Surprise Family Dinner

Round up the family to celebrate your spouse. Around eight out of 10 households find the logistics of a dinner hour difficult to organize, but putting in the effort to schedule and get everyone on the same table would make any partner tear up with joy.

For dinner, pick out something simple. You might cook a casserole in the oven for an easy and filling meal. Alternatively, ordering a few boxes of pizza can be less hassle for everybody. That way, you can all focus on bonding and sharing stories over a steaming slice of cheesy goodness.

3. A Military Spouse Appreciation Party

Military Appreciation Month recognizes every past and present military member, so you could invite your spouse’s circle over to your household. Each couple can bring their own little dish to display and share with the group. You can also suggest pooling money to order a catering service. 

Chips and cheese boards are also perfect introductions to keep conversations flowing and appetites satisfied.

4. A Personal Barbecue

Sometimes the best oasis is in your own backyard. May is the perfect time to start enjoying warm evenings on the back porch or sunny afternoons grilling up a barbecue feast. Taking the time to prepare a barbecue for two with all the ingredients and tools is a great way to connect with your loved one. 

Light a couple of candles and lead your spouse outside by the hand. You can take your time grilling the skewers or burgers you prepared and just talk with one another. Reconnection blooms as you share how much you appreciate them.

5. A Garden Picnic

Another outdoor meal you can prepare is a nice garden picnic. Pack a basket and find a shady spot to spend the afternoon or evening. Make sure to get sandwiches and yogurt cups to make them easy to eat on the go.

A good sturdy blanket is a must for a perfect picnic. You can also cloud gaze and reminisce, taking in the sounds of nature all around. You can also leave for a minute to collect some flowers and give it to your spouse as a symbol of endearment.

6. A Discounted Meal

Everyone likes a free meal and discounts. Bring your spouse to some establishments with Military Appreciation Month promos and get them a treat. You can even take them to other shops and get them a gift after the meal.

Keep in mind that most stores will request identification before providing discounts or free products. Ask your spouse to bring a valid military card to claim these deductions. Other cards, like a Veteran ID card, should also work. 

7. An Exclusive Reservation

If your spouse has mentioned a fancy restaurant or meal experience they’ve always wanted to try, make a reservation. Give them a nice cruise dinner or bring them to see their favorite Michelin-star chef in action.

Indulging them in these grand meals during Military Appreciation Month will make them feel heard and loved. Plus, it gives you and your partner a reason to dress up and have a fun date. 

8. A Gastropub Dinner

Noticed that your partner is less fancy and a little more lowkey? Book a quiet table at a gastropub and treat them to a meal. If it’s a place you’ve been to before, your spouse can settle in and relax with familiar favorites on the menu. Order their favorite plate and just enjoy the cozy interior of the place. 

Aside from the familiar ambiance, you get to clink drinks with the love of your life. Share a toast and give a speech of how much you appreciate them.

Appreciate Your Spouse

Military Appreciation Month is in observance of your spouse’s service to the country. That said, you can also try to view this as a way to extend gratitude to your partner. They work tirelessly to keep you, your family and your friends safe. Reciprocate their love and dedication through food.

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