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7 Wedding Catering Trends That Will Dominate 2022

The variety of food that hits your guests’ taste buds during cocktail hour and the reception can leave a lasting impression on wedding guests. Since wedding catering trends is one of the most sought-after things in any wedding celebration, planning your wedding needs to be a priority. It takes careful planning and gives you the opportunity to try out your choices months before the big day.

Take a look at these five wedding food trends that you can anticipate seeing in 2022 if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your wedding experience and provide delicious and unique selections on your guests’ plates. Let’s dig deeper into the emerging wedding catering trends!

Wedding Catering Trends

1. Edible Flower

Edible flowers are the latest trend that is going to dominate in 2022. flowers-based garnishing will be used on cakes, salads, and other hors d’oeuvres in addition to cocktails. Not only do they make the cuisines look more tempting but offer great health benefits as well. Now that people are more conscious about their diet, they prefer plant-based nutrition over other ingredients. Thus, you can see a great boost in the popularity of edible flowers. In addition, that will undoubtedly stick out and get the attention of your guests.

2. Grazing Tables

A big-fat grazing table placed in the center is sure going to attract more people. People are past pricey stations or passing around snacks during cocktail hour. Therefore, the grazing table is gaining momentum. In addition, you can customize the items you want on your grazing tables. Most requested items include meats, crackers, cheese, almonds, pretzels, and anything else that your guests can consume before the reception.

3. Grab-and-go stations

A few years ago, the concept of creating your own dinner was extremely popular. It was still shining for dinner themes and late-night bites. Now we’re providing appetizers that have already been made so that people can get back to dancing. The stations can be used as part of the entertainment at a wedding. Guests can create their own tacos, sliders, and nachos, among other things. However, people now prefer a rather relaxing ceremony where the couple and guests are able to instantly reconnect, dance, or relax by grabbing something ready to eat. Thus, grab-n-go stations are getting significant traction from couples and guests as well.

4. Go Fresh, Go Local

Serving scrumptious, delicious meals has been the top goal for every couple at their wedding ceremony. In 2022, though, the concentration on serving delicious meals will be even more intense. Thus, going local is another trend you’ll be seeing this year. The reason it is emphasized even more is that fresh local produce including cider, wines, seasonal berries, etc, tend to offer exceptional flavor. As a result, people are opting for seasonal fruits and berries for ice creams, toppings, and other desserts. After the global pandemic, supply chain problems and production shortages have served as a harsh reality check for everyone. Therefore, working with local producers or sourcing from an on-site garden, may be more vital than ever before.

5. Eco-Friendly Setting

It’s only natural that as more of us embrace more waste-conscious, ecologically friendly behaviors in our daily lives, this approach would extend to weddings. Couples are leaning towards fabric napkins and tablecloths rather than throwaway paper napkins. You will notice that people are avoiding using plastics altogether in favor of washable, reusable products. Even for decor, couples are considering more nature-friendly and waste-conscious choices. For table markers and living, couples are considering using take-home plants or plantable seed paper. Instead of plastic flowers, repurposed and old artifacts make fantastic centerpieces.

People now use recyclable cans and bottles to serve sodas, sparkling waters, beer, and liquor instead of using disposable plastic containers. This trend has been receiving applause on social media and is going to continue for a long time. Moreover, it enables people to reduce waste as well as costs while making the wedding an environment-friendly celebration.

6. Creative Serving Ideas

After the COVID pandemic, couples are putting more emphasis on safety. You will see large, elaborate charcuterie presentations or other appetizer buffets going out of trend. Instead, couples are becoming more inventive with their separate choices. Hence, creative serving approaches have emerged. They are beautifully exhibited and labeled which adds a beautiful look to your setting. Some of the emerging servings are a little pizza box or a bento box. The latest trend is instead of serving guests from a station, you’ll see more composed little plates and roaming stations where individuals simply pick up a themed meal. Hors d’oeuvres will also be offered in more inventive ways while maintaining a high level of safety.

7. Creative Cocktails

While signature cocktails are always going to be an important part of wedding ceremonies, couples are leaning toward healthier options in catering. As a result, mocktails created with natural, fresh juices, herbs, and florals, according to Correale, are becoming increasingly popular.

These trends are emerging and are expected to rule 2022. If you are getting married this year, make your wedding ceremony special with these trends. Planning a wedding event can be rather stressful than fun, especially the catering. As the leading catering service in India, Catering Corner is all set to take marriage catering service up a notch. Together, we can make your wedding ceremony special and eventful with a memorable menu that happens to be our sweet spot. Get your quote now!

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