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6 Fun Ways to Trick Out Your Food Truck

Owning a food truck marries fun and pragmatism, making this career one of the best choices you can make. However, your vehicle is like a rolling marketing campaign – and how you decorate it matters. Why not make the most of this opportunity?

It’s time to break free of the stereotypical “roach coach” design and make your mobile kitchen a masterpiece that works for your business. What should you consider upgrading when it comes to the overall aesthetics? Here are six fun ways to trick out your food truck.

1. Cut Down on Sun Glare

Could your job contribute to premature aging? It could affect your skin. Consider the story of the 69-year-old trucker who had considerably more wrinkles and damage on the left side of his face. Why? That’s the half that’s closest to his driver’s side window.

You could try explaining to your esthetician why you only need Botox on one side. However, a simpler solution can keep you out of the cosmetic surgeon’s office. Why not tint your windows? These films do double duty, helping to protect you from UV radiation while preventing glare.

Be careful selecting your shade and where you apply your film. For example, a 5% tint is significantly darker than a 50% application and is illegal in most jurisdictions. However, 50% to 70% is also used on the rear of most passenger vehicles, so it might not be sufficient for your needs. Work with your shop to determine how dark you can go for maximum comfort without risking a pricey ticket.

Furthermore, be judicious. While it’s advisable to tint your front windows where you drive, you should leave the rear ones clear so that customers can see your shiny, clean kitchen.

2. Let the Music Play

How do ice cream trucks get hordes of smiling children to chase them down the street as if they were the Pied Piper? Could it be the cheerful calliope music pouring from their speakers? You bet.

Music can make the workday more fun and go faster. It can also call the hungry masses to your establishment. For example, does your truck specialize in tacos and burritos? Some cheerful musica from South of the Border can remind prospective customers what Tuesday means. And Thursday, too – really, any day. Tacos are awesome.

3. Create a Catchy Color Scheme

Remember, your food truck is like a giant rolling billboard. Imagine driving on a typical workday – would a roadside sign in boring white with gray accents catch your eye? Probably not. So why leave your mobile kitchen unadorned?

Get wild and crazy with bright colors that announce who you are and what you do. Remember, you can go as wild as you like, painting your truck like the old-school “Scooby Doo” Mystery Machine or decking it out in modern urban graffiti.

Do you have a friend with a side hustle as a graphic designer? Why not pay them to find an inspiring way to integrate your logo and name to build brand recognition?

What color scheme should you choose? Since food trucks rely on a high turnover rate, take a tip from fast-food companies and include plenty of primary reds, yellows, and blues. Red denotes energy and speed, while yellow and blue inspire comfort, trust, and happiness.

The one exception? Use caution with red if you specialize in Indian food – it symbolizes non-vegetarian meals, and members of several religions prominent in the culture espouse a cruelty-free lifestyle.

4. Lights, Camera, Action

Like Ned Stark warned on “Game of Thrones,” winter is coming. What does that mean for your food truck? It results in shorter days and less visibility as the evening approaches.

However, you have a solution. Adding LED lights to your food truck makes your restaurant look like a rolling party while capturing the attention of passersby.

Why stop there? Inflation hasn’t hit everything – TV screens are practically a dime a dozen these days. Why not hook up a small monitor folks can see through your rear windows that scrolls through a slideshow of your most delicious meals? You’ll have customers driving behind you with their mouths watering.

5. Keep Things Transparent

Remember that window-tinting tip? The one place you don’t want the film is on your order window. Doing so makes it look like you’re trying to hide the state of your kitchen.

Instead, show off those sleek, shiny, clean appliances. If anything, consider expanding your order window and perhaps adding a viewing window on the other side. The more of the process customers can see, the more confidence you’ll inspire.

6. Comfort Is King

You spend hours behind the wheel of your food truck, which can strain your aching back. How can you ease some of the pain?

Fortunately, you can find numerous seat covers that ease discomfort – choose from memory foam, gel, beads, or air seats. You can also find heated and cooled versions if you work in an extreme climate.

Speaking of temperature extremes, please remember to perform regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system. Furthermore, consider your kitchen comfort. If you don’t have separate climate control, it’s worth investing in an RV-style rear air-conditioning system to keep you from sweltering as you cruise the streets of Phoenix in July.

Luckily, your job allows you plenty of time to get up and move at each stop. Walking around is another way to ease the pain of long truck rides.

Fun Ways to Trick Out Your Food Truck

Driving a food truck is an entertaining and enterprising way to make a living. It can be even more fun in the right ride. Consider the six fun ways above to trick out your food truck. You’ll enjoy your workday more and, better yet, increase your profits.

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