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5 Foods That Taste Better When Paired With Cheese

For centuries, humans have used their imaginations to conjure up delicious food pairings. Cheese is an all-time classic to pair with many different foods. Some things just taste better with cheese.


Grapes can taste sour or sweet, depending on the variety. Cheese pairs well with grapes because cheese’s smooth, creamy texture complements the juicy, slightly tart taste of grapes. A sweet cheese, such as goat cheese, creates a nice contrast with the sourness of green grapes, and aged cheese with an earthy taste will go great with black or green grapes for a sweet balance.


Many people pair broccoli with cheese because of the improvement in texture and taste. Broccoli is a food that tastes better with cheese because the richness of cheese counters the fresh, leafy taste of broccoli. 

Broccoli is excellent for dipping in cheese, and the crunchy stems pair well with the soft texture of the cheese. If the broccoli is fresh, it will be moist inside, which tastes refreshing alongside cheese and spices.


While numerous types of meat go well with cheese, jerky and cheese have amazing pairings for multiple occasions. The crunchiness and seasoned texture of jerky balance well with cheese. Cheese has a smooth and straightforward tang that will lay a foundation for the jerky, creating a plethora of tastes that will make a filling snack or meal depending on how you serve it. 


Most cheese melts easily, which makes it great for a warm bisque. The heat and moisture of the broth will melt the cheese and make the mixture more creamy. Bisque is a food that pairs well with cheese. Cheese complements bisque with meats such as chicken and small vegetables like tomatoes or carrots, creating a filling dish for you to enjoy.


Eggs are normally bland in taste, so many people add seasonings and eat them as a side dish. Adding cheese to various forms of eggs, such as scrambled eggs, egg whites, or an omelet, will improve the taste and add textural interest. You can cook eggs with cheese so it’s fully incorporated to give it a natural taste, or add shredded cheese right after cooking while the eggs are still hot.

People love the taste of cheese and the flavor that it brings. Adding it to these foods will give your taste buds a wonderful experience.

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