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5 Amazing Benefits Of Stopping Smoking

Smoking is an addictive habit that can take over people’s lives for decades. Deciding to stop altogether is a big one, especially when you do not remember a time when you were not engaging in this behaviour. A life without cigarettes may seem unattainable, but it can be as easy as quitting from one day to the next for some people. When smoking acts as a de-stressor in the constant struggles of life, it can seem hard to think of the benefits of stopping. There are, however, many life-changing benefits that outweigh the small number of positives for continuing the habit of smoking. 

Here are some of the most valuable benefits that you can expect when you stop smoking:

You Can Save Thousands Of Pounds 

The cost of smoking can be detrimental to the financial situation of smokers. Not only is the cost of buying cigarettes increasing each year, but the cost of certain life insurance is greatly impacted if you are a smoker. Once you choose to quit, you will find you can save a lot more money, and you will have a lot more disposable income to spend on things that will make a positive impact on your life.

You Will Reduce Your Chances Of A Heart Attack

It has been shown that 1 in 5 men and 1 in 10 women who smoke will die of a cardiovascular disease such as a heart attack. This is mainly because of the effects that smoking has on your bodily functions as a whole which lead to smokers having a lower chance of surviving such problems as heart attacks. If you stop smoking at any point and get rid of this habit, you can half your risk of getting heart attacks, if not more!

Your Dental Hygiene Can Be Saved

Many smokers will face countless dental issues throughout their life all because of their habits of smoking. Smoking leads to heavy dental plaque and gum disease that can cause permanent dental damage that requires full dental implants. As smoking overall cuts the flow of oxygen to your gums causing these issues, stopping smoking can significantly improve all these symptoms and eventually heal them over time. 

Quitting Can Reduce Stress

Surprisingly, quitting smoking altogether can reduce any intense symptoms of stress that you may have faced when you were a frequent smoker. Of course, it is important to acknowledge the withdrawal effects that are present when you are getting used to the lack of nicotine. However, once you have replaced the habit of smoking with other healthier behaviours you will find yourself a lot more relaxed in situations where you may have been overwhelmed.

Better immune System

Smoking affects your immune system due to exposure to tar and nicotine. When these things aren’t present in your system anymore, your oxygen levels and circulation will be massively improved, therefore allowing your immune system to do its job much better!

Where To Start?

These are just a few of the main benefits of stopping smoking, but there are hundreds more to discuss. If you have been struggling with where to start, here are some of our top tips on stopping the habit :

  • List your reasons why you want to quit 
  • Write down the person you want to become as a result of quitting
  • Start telling others you don’t smoke anymore 
  • Use quitting aids such as nicotine patches
  • Stay away from groups that still engage in smoking
  • If you are struggling, consider vaping instead to gradually cut back on your nicotine consumption  
  • Seek help and advice from professional support 

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